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The load gain setup for my hated girl-friendHello, I´m John and a successfull gibbs in Hollywood and also I to be single.2 weeks earlier I quited my career to have time for me. Ns wanna live my perfidious revenge dream, however let´s go ago to highschool:At the time I remained in no means popular, ns was fat, unsporty, had plenty of pimples and also got annoyed by the most popular girl of the school, her surname was Emma. She was absolutely perfect. She to be hot, sporty, a perfect toned body v abs, brown hairs. As well as she favored to stroked nerves other human being like me. My arrangement developped an initial when Emma made decision to disclose myself to ridicule. Ns just obtained 17 and also we were in gym class, that ns didn´t choose at all. In the gym was created a obstacle parcour of different stations and also the course was split in bag of 2 people, boy and also girl. Of food Emma ended up being my partner. In ~ the first station we had actually to execute as much crunches as we could do when one minute. Emma started and impressed through 40. "Hard to optimal for a flabby the you are!", she said. As soon as I gained in the appropriate position, she touch my fat on the stomach. Ns just obtained it to do 3 ones. If I currently was awkward by mine unsportiness, she yelled in the course how lot I did and what a fat pig I would certainly be. Adhering to we had actually to do wheelbarrow and I already fatigued once I just had to run, however when ns was the human who had to bring his load on his hands, i failed disastrously. As soon as she tried to take it my legs, she plot or really had problems to bring them. "You room fat favor a whale, ns don´t even get it come lift her fat legs". And also again she yelled for this reason loud that everybody heard her and everybody laughed around me. Together if this wasn´t enough, she now started to traction up my shirt to show everybody my fat belly. As all eye were ~ above me, i ran at home and also didn´t come ago for the following 5 days. Together I gained so angry and also my school life was devastating after this gym class, I decided to take it my revenge ~ above this fcking Emma.Now 5 years later, I´m a pretty good looking male with an massive house. My income is big and I currently had some nice girls at home. However yesterday i heard the Emma just left his boyfriend and also I experienced my opportunity to fullfill my dream. My arrangement was it to get this pretty woman with her abs to gain as fat together a whale. I desire her to obtain so fat that she´ll never have a friend again. Don´t gain me wrong, ns love big women as much as thin one but at a certain point ns just discover them disgusting and also this level ns wanna she to reach.That´s why I invite her the critical 4 weeks to numerous events. At every moment the event contained much come eat to broaden slowly her small stomach. As she is a person who payment a lotattention on her body, she asked already after 2 main if she obtained weight. When she inquiry me the fifth time in a row, ns yelled at her and also told her the it would certainly be unsupportable because that me with her stressing favor that.That worked pretty well, as she didn´t ask me one more time because that the next 3 weeksWe room spending time together for 5 weeks and also this morning i watched her gaining in she pants, it were skinny pants, but nevertheless, it appeared that she didn´t gain it to close. Desperately she asked me if she gained weight, this time I kept cool and told her that she to be still thin favor a model. She request me because that a scale, but as i knew she put on part weight, ns hid it. Besides I convinced her come wear the newest apparel I just bought because that her like Gucci, Prada...I bought this dresses some sizes bigger but she didn´t notification it as I gotten rid of the dimension sign. Her eyes sparkled.After 8 weeks of fine eating, she put on one more pounds. Every in every she is currently 10 pounds heavier 보다 8 weeks ago. She is still yes, really thin but her abs are slowly disappearing and also a slim layer that fat is start to flourish on her belly. Yet she likewise noticed she changement. When she looked in the mirror after showering, she couldn´t believe what she saw. She inquiry me all day long around her weight and also couldn´t avoid herself. We obtained a huge beef.I tried to provocate this beef and also acted angrily to come to part 2 of my revenge: play out her psyche. Because that reconciling I invited a great friend and also neighbor of mine, Lili. As the reconciliation didn´t job-related pretty well and also we discussed another time, ns left my house, when they continued to be there."If you desire to weight yourself, you deserve to use my scale", Lili offered her. A small bit embarrassed she accepted and also they checked out Lili in the bathroom. Once she stood on the scale, she review 110 pounds, so she didn´t placed on weight. She became an extremely happy and huged Lili. "But why execute I feeling so fat?" "Maybe it´s just your psyche the tries to annoy you", Lili said.After the load in Lili and Emma did a conversation and also Lili told her that i left my critical girl friend because she talked non-stop around her weight and couldn´t reap the life time. When Emma left the house, she feel happy top top the one hand since she didn´t put on weight, meanwhile feld negative because she believed that she behaved favor a stupid girl.What Emma didn´t know: Lili knew my plan and also was just a arrangement of it.

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As Lili got also annoyed by Emma in highschool, she to be happy to hear mine plan. Lili had manipulated the scale: It verified ca 10 pounds less.