God this is going to sound favor a publication report.
I controlled to discover the English translation of Tatsuhiko Takimoto"s novel, Welcome to the N.H.K. - the origin of the manga and also the OVA I"ve to be enjoying recently. It"s interesting to watch the same story told end three different media.The publication has some definite staminas - an initial we see a lot much more of Sato"s inside thinking. In both the manga and also the anime he appears this end the peak charicature, however even once he is doing much more outlandish points in the novel, it works far far better because we view the thinking behind it. I think the other two retellings of the story really missed this element and went because that the comedy value.We also get slightly much more fleshed out personalities for Yamazaki and also Misako. Unequal the anime or the manga we get a lot more information about Misako (and pretty much all the various other characters) faster, more up front. Yamazaki in the anime seems written through two different people, in the manga he"s a bit an ext of a slightly creepy best friend through a chip ~ above his shoulder, in the novel he"s a much much more distrubing character. His misogyny in the anime is later described by his circumstances - it"s just a convenient emphasis for all his anxieties. In the book it seems he just carries a deep dislike for women, which is climate coincidentally where he shoves his daily pains and also fears. Ns think what renders the distinction is that in the manga/anime he interacts v others - consisting of women, and also we check out that his outbursts stem from some other component of his life, the novel Yamazaki is the kind of person you generally think of as soon as the state "otaku" "lolicon" and also "police incident" come up. I feel Yamazaki in the novel is a weak character - he is too much like Satou except far lot "worse", a real hikikimori with serious issues concerning women and also especially girl children. The other Yamazaki is just a irritable student that goes to course (and appears to do okay despite not really connecting with his peers), has actually a secure part-time job, also dating (or at least seeing) a other student who honestly liked him at some level before everything come crashing down.The novel additionally dwells a lot an ext on the pedophillic fetishism in erogames and also otaku-dom (where as the other layouts branch out and show the various other parts, including the bits the honestly aren"t the bad), and there are a lot of (legal, although no necessarily in those quantities) drug-taking - which would explain the talk appliances a many more.In regards to scenes/situations, I preferred the anime an ext than the manga and also both more than the novel - there to be the "offline meeting", the Amway/Mouse roadway story (and the whole collection of characters from that, consisting of the last Fantasy MMO/RMT bridging story - i really feel sorry because that Megumi Kobayashi much more so in the anime 보다 in the manga), the sudden visit by Satou"s mom, etc. These let the reader acquire a real feel for all the various methods Satou honestly do the efforts to better himself, and permits him, when wallowing in self pity, come actually aid people who honestly room as screwed up together he is (if not worse). There to be one instance in the novel i felt worked way better than its equivalents in the various other two layouts - Satou and also Yamazaki getting an ext information top top Misaki"s real identity.It"s also really short and also feels very very rushed. In the manga stories about Satou"s sempai room scattered anywhere the place and while a little bit disjointed, we get the emotion of their recurring relationship, in the book it"s all jammed right into one conversation, one flashback and all that in a quick chapter and also seems very... Kind of thrown in there because that no reason.

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It"s favor a Douglas Coupland novel on quick forward.I wonder if the Japanese edition of the book is lot better. I think I"ll placed some much more effort into tracking the down.- Ma"at