Wendy Williams looked wet and also wild top top the recent day the end in Barbados, princetoneclub.org has actually learned. The TV host flaunted she curves in a barely-there black bikini ~ above the beach together she splashed about in the water and shared part laughs v longtime husband Kevin Hunter.

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Just sooner or later ago, the 53-year-old star was recorded busting out of she bikini height in a blonde wig and bedazzled pink sunglasses. She wore a sparkling "W" around her neck as she flaunted her assets.


This time, she to be playful and also flirty v her longtime love together the duo enjoyed the cool tropical s waters throughout their romantic vacation.


Her ship tattoos and also dangerous curves were exposed in the small Brazilian shower suit. A environment-friendly cover up dropped down her side together she exposed her natural hair under a black color baseball cap.


Kevin, 45, is the executive, management producer that The Wendy Williams Show, as well as his wife's manager.


Whatever the killer duo is doing has been working, due to the fact that Wendy has actually been to run the show for virtually nine years!

She has frequently been the cause of much havoc in the talk display world, together the outspoken personality can't assist but voice she opinions on every scandal out there.

On a talk through Howard Stern, she bashed Bill Cosby end his sexual assault scandals, saying the in she opinion, that is "guilty."

She also spoke out about Steve Harvey's controversial staff email, saying the it is not the means she likes come treat civilization she works with, but she likes the comedian anyway.

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Earlier this year she even fired a shot in ~ fitness guru Richard Simmons, calling that a failure and also bashing that for having actually disappeared indigenous the spotlight because that so numerous years. Regardless of it all, she looked fabulous on her recent vacation with her hubby. What do you think of she bikini look? allow us know in the comment below.

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