Want to understand what occurred to Zach, Marcus, Alex, Justin, Monty, Jessica and also the other students in ~ Liberty High in season two? Here's a an introduction of the plot because that the key characters.

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2. What taken place To Zach In 13 factors Why?

Zach is on tape seven in the very first season for stealing notes from Hannah ~ she publicly garbage his advances. In season two, we find out that Zach and also Hannah had a mystery relationship and also that they shed their virginity to each other. Zach wanted to store the connection a secret, for this reason Hannah split up through him. Zach make the efforts to make things far better by help Alex with his recovery and testifying in court.

3. What walk Marcus do In 13 reasons Why?

Marcus was on tape 6 in the an initial season because that trying to sexually attack Hannah on a date and also is an extremely vocal in trying come suppress the tapes. In season two, Marcus lies in court and also says Hannah freaked out on him because “she wasn't right into me” once in fact she was into Bryce. Marcus is then blackmailed by Tyler to publicly call Bryce a rapist and admit he is guilty the protecting him.


4. Why does Jessica dislike Justin?

Justin and Jessica's connection is hella messy but let united state break it under for you. In S1, Jessica is raped by Justin's friend Bryce when she's sleep at a party. Justin successfully let this happen as the failed to challenge Bryce properly and also stop him. Once Hannah Baker reveals that she observed the rape, Justin lies come Jessica and says Hannah is lying and also it didn't happen. Eventually he admits Hannah was telling the truth and they break up. In S2, Justin tries to seek forgiveness from Jessica.

5. What happened To Justin ~ above 13 reasons Why?

Justin to be on tapes 1 and also 9 in the first season. The very first tape was since lying around having sex through Hannah and sending a picture of she round the school. The second was for allowing Bryce to rape Jessica. In season two, Justin has end up being homeless and a heroin addict. He attempts to obtain clean to help testify for Jessica, that he still loves. Clay's parents sell to embrace him, together he cannot stay with his mum anymore.

6. What taken place To Jessica In 13 reasons Why?

Jessica was on tape 2 in the season one for ditching Hannah together a friend. After that the tapes we discover Jessica was raped by Bryce once she was drunk yet she is convinced that the isn't true by others on the tapes, especially Justin. In season two, Jessica is struggling to come to terms with the assault and at first refuses to mention it in court. Later on on, she is persuaded to push charges versus Bryce. In the last episode she hooks up through Justin in ~ the ball.

7. Why occurred To Alex In 13 reasons Why?

Alex was on ice 3 in season one because that contributing to a perform which claimed Hannah had a “nice ass”. It was greatly responsible for the breakdown of Hannah's friendship v Jessica. At the end of season one, Alex shoots himself in the head. In season two, Alex is struggling with his recovery and possibly his sexuality. After that gets right into a fight v Zach, he it s okay an erection (previously the couldn't after the shooting) although that is not stated again after.

8. What go Sheri do In 13 factors Why?

Sheri was on tape 10 in season one because that failing to identify her function in the fatality of Jeff (she crashed into a road sign and failed to report that – in ~ the same spot Jeff die in a traffic accident moment later). In season two, Sheri is a an extremely different person. She has completed her punishment for she involvement in Jeff's death and also helps Clay to acquire Justin turn off heroin and also find much more information ~ above the polaroids.

9. That Is Monty ~ above 13 reasons Why? and also What Did that Do?

"Monty, complete name Montgomery, to be a minor personality on season one. A member the Bryce's gang, that was greatly seen bullying other students, especially Tyler. In season two, he tries to intimated those testifying in Hannah's instance by anonymously sending threatening messages. Eventually, that is exposed and also Bryce ranges himself native Monty. The takes his frustrations out on Tyler through beating that up and also sexually assaulting him through a broom. No activity is taken against him.

10. What happens To mr Porter In 13 reasons Why?

Mr Porter, the school counsellor, is on ice 13 in the an initial season for no helping Hannah when she came to him to report gift raped. In season two, mr Porter to know he is on 'borrowed time' and is seen trying to assist the various other students on the tape come atone because that his actions, hoping he have the right to do the most great before the tapes room public knowledge and also he loses his job.

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11. What wake up To Courtney In 13 reasons Why?

Courtney is on tape 5 in the an initial season for spreading lies about Hannah come cover up because that the truth she is struggling through her sex-related identity. She strongly denies what is claimed on the tape. In a rather surprise move, in season 2 Courtney admits to fabricating lies around Hannah in the court and also comes the end of the closet.