In that context, "a living" describes the subject"s profession/task. So, that question is asking:

What do you execute for your profession?

You can also say points like:

I develop residences for a living. (Your profession is structure houses)

I uncovered this meaning for living:

an earnings enough to live on or the suggests of earning it.Source

The indefinite write-up is simply referring to the reality that tbelow are multiple points that a perchild have the right to do for their project. A definite short article would certainly imply that tright here is just a solitary point a person can carry out to make a living.

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Alex WAlex W
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To my knowledge, it is a shortening of the phrase "a living wage."

People will additionally usage this expression to say things favor, "It"s a living."

But, you have the right to likewise say "I make my living . . ."

The short answer to your question: Living in this situation is a noun. And, therefore needs the article to designate it as such, rather of being a verb.

If you asked "What perform you perform for living?" (Gerund of the verb) The answer would certainly be akin to "Breath, eat, drink, etc."

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David MDavid M
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Rearea omitted words to get a normal and reasonable expression, e.g. "What perform you perform to earn the money essential for a decent living?" I think then the shortened expression will certainly be clear.Of course, that"s a lengthy sentence through most words and the question is typically provided. So it"s no wonder that such a formula gets shortened and also everything that is self-noticeable is omitted.

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