An IBC is an abbreviation for an intermediate mass container. These intermediate containers range from 110 come 330 gallons, depending on the type of container your purchase. Castle are larger than the sector standard 55-gallon drum or basket, though not as huge as 500-gallon tanker. Warehouse silos are also larger but are not mobile because that truck transport. Paper Systems sells non-hazardous and collapsible IBCs. The many most common liquid storage container is the EZ-SET 275 gallon tote.

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The benefits of IBC Containers

An IBC tank deserve to replace traditional pails, cans, and drums. It help decrease handle costs and maximizes freight efficiency. EZ-BULK intermediate bulk containers come through a multi-layer within bag liner which is do from FDA authorized materials. A 275 gallon tote can ship a wide range of food grade liquids. All bag liner materials are Kosher approved and also IMS dairy products certified. Details barrier movies are accessible to meet specific requirements. The 275 gallon carry is so famous as it fits on a typical 48x40 pallet for basic transport and also storage. No all IBC tanks are created equal. Strict high quality standards and also BRC approval make document Systems" IBC containers top in the industrial markets.

Learn about IBC containers because that grease and also palm oil. Paper Systems has been a manufacturer for the industrial markets because that disposable liquid mass packaging because that over 30 years. We pride ourself in producing innovative remedies for industrial liquid markets, customers huge or small, while preserving the highest possible level of customer service. Rest assured you will be talking straight to a seasoned experienced with many years of experience to assist with your task from begin to finish. Our in the field expertise helps fast track projects from conception come completion with smooth and also ease for both the processor and end user of the mass liquid tote shipping system.

EZ-SET IBC Container all set to Ship

There room many options to think about when selecting a mass shipping tote system for her operation. Exactly how will that arrive? just how will that store? just how will it process through my operation? exactly how will my client consume and also dispose that the container system? Is the bulk liquid package food safe and also meet all my regulation requirements? every these concerns and more are every answered by our professionally trained team of specialists which have over a 100 years of an unified field experience to help the customer attain maximum results.

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Call or e-mail today and we constantly reply in a note fashion to all requests, large or small, domestic or abroad. We are prepared to serve our customers and help them attain their liquid bulk packaging goals.