It’s been a while since I cared enough about a mobile video game to yes, really dive right into it, not because Pokémon GO, in fact, and once again it’s Nintendo that has recorded my eye with Fire Emblem Heroes.

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Despite no being a pan of either Fire Emblem or gacha games, I’ve uncovered myself play Heroes fairly a bit, and enjoying myself as soon as I no itching to spend much more money. As such, after play the last two days straight, over there was quite a bit I learned that ns wish i knew at the start.

As every usual, i’ve drafted some advice for new players that room just beginning out, and I hope the it helps. Right here are ten points I wish ns knew once I started Fire Emblem Heroes.

1. You deserve to Re-Roll your \"Free\" Summoned characters Until girlfriend Get an excellent Ones

Ugh, this over all else, is something i wish ns realized once I started. When you start up the game, you download some data and also go through a reasonably brief combat tutorial. After ~ that, girlfriend amass enough orbs whereby you room able come summon a slate that heroes as your “first” batch. This one’s free, however all the remainder will expense you either a most time, or a lot of money.

Players have determined that you can simply erase your progress and start this process over in stimulate to keep re-rolling this first set the heroes until you gain lucky with either characters you want, or ones that room powerful. I’ve watched a many of people doing this till they gain 1-2 five star heroes in their an initial batch. You just need to delete her data, redownload, and also play the first couple of missions again until you reach the suggest where you have 20 orbs and can summon heroes. Some players have gotten this down to around a five minute rate run, however it do not do it take more than 6-7 minutes. If girlfriend think you in this video game for the long haul, it might be helpful to do this, as crazy and also exhausting as it may be. For reference, I had to spend $45 (and likewise use about 40 cost-free orbs) in stimulate to acquire my an initial gold five-star.

2. Ditch Your beginning Heroes As soon As Possible

This confused me because that a while as soon as I began Fire Emblem Heroes. The video game gives girlfriend a number of “starter” heroes at the beginning, but because of the method the star system works, you may not know what you’re working with. Once you begin summoning heroes because that orbs, the worst you’ll gain is 3 star bronze. However as it transforms out, there are 1 and also 2 star levels below those, yet the color is confusing. Both the those are some sort of silver-looking shade that may be like, believe or something, I’m no sure, but for a while, I assumed I had silver-class heroes that just had less stars I might upgrade later. While you can update these heroes later with enough grinding, in ~ the start every little thing you have is 1-2 stars. If friend play making use of those, you’re wasting XP leveling increase heroes that space going to it is in useless because that a great long while. Instead, use whatever you gain in your initial pack, since at worst, they will certainly still be one star better than the existing slate of personalities you have. You can go back to them later, however from what ns found, it’s no worth sticking by lock for that long.

3. Understand Positioning and Movement Abilities before Anything Else

The video game makes a allude of reflecting off the color-based rock/paper/scissors mechanism in regards to what is an excellent against what, but succeeding in combat is an ext about positioning, and also understanding terrain an ext than that is completely type-countering, native what i have found. You need to know a couple of things native the start. This isn’t an exhaustive list, yet it will certainly help.

Ground units – quick movement range, have actually to assault directly in former of an opponent

Ranged Mages, Archers, Assassins – have the right to usually attack 2 spaces away, this method in a right line, but additionally at a diagonal, provide that the still two spaces come the target

Horses – deserve to move additional than many units, yet cannot traverse v trees

Flying devices – Can also move far, consisting of over walls and also mountains, yet are really vulnerable to ranged attack

Knowing at least the straightforward rundown of these devices will be helpful, and enable you to position them because that maximum effect. One of my an initial mistakes was simply charging front trying to make sure the color matchups were going in mine favor, yet I quickly learned positioning was a lot an ext key.

4. Be careful Of Merging personalities You setup To Unlock

The upgrade/unlock mechanism in this game is a small confusing. Friend can integrate duplicate heroes with one an additional in stimulate to update the more powerful one with better stats and more SP. However, if you’re act this through a hero that you are planning to update from a 3 come 4 star or 4 to 5 star means that castle will lose those bonuses as soon as the upgrade occurs and also they’re reset to level one. So, you could have a four-star you prefer quite a bit, but if you planning to do the grind to five star, you can not want to intake too countless duplicates right into them till that happens. When something is five star, climate it seems like you’re totally free to walk nuts.

5. The longer You walk Without A five Star, The more Likely You room To gain One

What I’ve discovered from to buy a number of “hero packs” in this game is the eventually, friend will get 5 star heroes, as in, the video game won\"t allow you not to. I think the rate for lock is something favor 3%, yet in order to combat a operation of extremely negative luck, there’s a type of “mercy rule” after a while that will give you a 5 star, like you occasionally see in various other games. Therefore if girlfriend don’t have one yet and also are acquiring discouraged, just hang in there.

6. It\"s precious It To save Orbs because that A mass Summoning, yet Spare A couple of For XP Boosting

Fire Emblem Heroes reallllly desires to tempt you come buy a hero whenever friend get 5 orbs, however my advice is to wait till you have 20 every time for a full slate. Purchase 5 in ~ a time will obtain you one less hero for the very same amount that orbs, offered the discounts you gain for buying in bulk. Simply spend 20 orbs for a full pack, which is about $13 in the store, provide or take, or that number of missions plus bonuses. You can do what girlfriend want, yet I regret the first couple of times i splurged as well early. Also, together tempting together it may be come buy new heroes as quickly as girlfriend can, yet you also might want to think about spending a couple to upgrade your castle (the tiny icon in the height right top top the home screen) in stimulate to get some pretty serious XP rises right off the bat that will be through you because that the term of the game. This is pretty straightforward to miss.

7. No issue What, At least Log In once A Day

It’s a little too beforehand to call exactly what log in bonuses room going to it is in consistently easily accessible for Fire Emblem Heroes, yet every time i’ve logged in I’ve received either orbs or other items, including today when for reasons I can not explain, I gained 10 stamina potions that are about saving 40 hrs of recharge wait time between them. Particularly near the beginning of the game, it will be profitable you if you’re even just arriving once, so nothing forget to do that, also if you can not dedicate a ton that time to in reality playing. Also, psychic to actually collect rewards in your postmaster, they space not automatic and I don’t know if they could expire at some point. The same thing goes for search rewards. Also, if you add people as friends, they will present up in your castle gifting girlfriend hero feathers every day, so it is a nice little bonus together well.

8. Don\"t Forget To spend SP

SP is one system that is not explained terribly well in the video game itself, despite its myriad of tutorials. If you’re prefer me, you probably looked in ~ your beginning “Iron Axe” and wondered how you might get something less terrible. But there space no “item” autumn in this game, and you nothing equip your personalities with gear in a timeless way. Rather, that’s all tied up in the SP system.

You gain SP for leveling up and also for kills, so remember that as soon as you’re aligning that gets to make the death shot on one enemy. You deserve to buy upgraded weapons, but there room actually a really wide variety of other skills and increases available, from level stat boost to distinct moves that activate after a number of turns, come passive results like boosting nearby allies or draining surrounding enemies. While it could be tempting to always spend money on the large weapon upgrade, this other an abilities are very an important as well and worth looking into. Also, this is wherein stars come in come play, as many moves or execution of moves are only available to four or five star characters, therefore it’s an additional reason come upgrade once you can.

9. If A Character dies In fight It it s okay No XP the Round

When you shed a round, and it might take girlfriend a long time, offered how easy the first couple of worlds are, the game makes it an extremely clear that uneven you use a “max revive” form item you’re going to lose any XP friend earned and levels friend gained throughout that round. Makes sense.

What is no as clear, and also what puzzled me rather a little as i wondered why my characters were hitting the exact same levels over and also over again, is the if a personality dies throughout a round, also if you win the round, they will certainly not get any type of of the XP or level either. Ns don’t know if this is a FE point or a gacha thing, however it sucks. Regardless, the is exactly how it is, and as such, if you have a hero that is on your last legs, and also you don’t want their XP profit to it is in negated, move them as far away indigenous combat together you deserve to as girlfriend let various other members of your team perform clean-up. This take it me means too lengthy to number out, and also I hope this helps you from the start.

10. Understand This Is A long Term Investment uneven You want To walk Broke

I am as guilty of this as anyone, however I’m offered to gamings where if you prefer them, and want come play them, and want come get an ext powerful and also hit high levels, you deserve to just do that. It is the benefit of payment $60 outright because that a console or pc game, yet that’s now exactly how things work-related in the cell phone world. In between the stamina meter and also the reality that you’ll need to grind goals repeatedly to acquire levels, this is walk to it is in a hell of a lengthy investment uneven you’re constantly dumping money into it.

Saving up for Summons or upgrades is walk to take it a while. This is a game that Nintendo desires you come play because that the next couple of months, if not the next couple of years. Try not to burn yourself out throughout the very first week (the method I’m on track to) or think that uneven your pat sessions are 2-3 hours at a time, it’s no worth it. Save your orbs, take her time. You will never compete with the human being that will dump hundreds of dollars right into this game, so simply enjoy it at your very own pace.

That’s all my advice because that now, yet I’ll include some more if anything wake up to me.

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