What taken place after president Clinton sent out peacekeeping troops come Somalia in 1993?

What taken place after president Clinton sent peacekeeping troops come Somalia in 1993? us troops killed thousands that Somali people. Us troops continued to be in Somalia for plenty of years. Somalia’s government remained unstable.

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Why did president Clinton usage troops in part overseas problems quizlet?

Why did president Clinton usage troops in some overseas conflicts? Clinton was willing to use troops come stop overseas conflicts. He sent troops come prevent military rulers from acquisition over Haiti.

What were the successes and also failures the George W Bush’s administration quizlet?

Bush to be a effective president indigenous 2001-2009 to a lesser extent as result of His management through 9/11 and a few domestic successes, the battle on Afghanistan and reconstructing of American nationwide Security, His authorized in the Iraq War and also Hurricane Katrina, and The good Recession 2007-2009.

What to be one significant cause of the recession in the United says in the 1970s?

The significant cause the the recession in the United claims in the 1970’s was the 1973 Oil dilemm when an oil embargo was proclaimed by members that the company of Arab Petroleum Exporting countries.

Why did president Clinton apologize while touring Rwanda in 1998 the joined States had withdrawn troops indigenous Rwanda prior to they could be effective the unified States had threatened to attack Rwanda if genocide wasn’t stopped the United?

The official apology of president invoice Clinton in Rwanda was because the United states were indecisive about what sort of steps should they take it or space they even an alleged to take any kind of measures, which cause enough an are and time because that the genocide in Rwanda in the direction of the Tutsi human being to take it place, so in ~ that suggest of …

How to be American society an altering at the start of the 21st century?

How to be American society changing at the beginning of the twenty-first century? culture was transforming by many an ext immigrants beginning the U.S. The divorce rate was greater at the start of the twenty-first century, much more babies were born the end of wedlock, and much more women were in the workforce.

Which presidential management supported and also won congressional support for the troubled legacy relief program?

To protect against the situation from fully spiraling out of control, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson pioneered the Troubled legacy Relief program (TARP). It was signed right into law by chairman George W. Bush on October 3, 2008, v the passage of the Emergency financial Stabilization Act.

How has actually the federal federal government addressed immigrant reform in the twenty first century quizlet?

How has the federal government addressed immigration reform in the twenty-first century? The federal federal government addressed immigrant reform about how to address illegal immigrants, yet Congress strong disagreed on exactly how to deal with the problem.

Which best describes the US economic climate in 1998 during President Clinton’s 2nd term it was in a recession?

Which ideal describes the US economy in 1998 during President Clinton’s second term? The federal budget was balanced.

Why walk Clinton talk about the national debt even though his administration did not pay it down quizlet?

Why walk Clinton talk around the national debt even though his management did no pay the down? He desires to tell civilization what an excellent will come indigenous erasing the debt. That is setting a difficulty for the following administration.

What was the 1965 immigration and Reform Act?

The Immigration and also Naturalization plot of 1965, also known together the Hart-Celler Act, denomination an previously quota system based on national origin and established a brand-new immigration policy based on reuniting immigrant families and attracting skilled labor to the joined States.

How did chairman Clinton’s economic plan influence the commonwealth budget?

President Clinton supervised a an extremely robust economy during his tenure. He raised taxes on greater income taxpayers early in his very first term and also cut defense spending and also welfare, which contributed to a climb in revenue and decline in spending relative to the dimension of the economy.

Which the the following best describes the US economic climate in 1998 throughout President Clinton’s term it was in a recession it remained in a depression the federal spending plan was well balanced the deficit was somewhat lowered Brainly?

the correct answer is c. The federal spending plan was balanced.

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What function did the us take on in worldwide politics and also economics complying with the Cold War?

What function did the United says take top top in an international politics and economics following the Cold War? The U.S would get involved in several countries fight for humanitarian relief, and also led the method in global complimentary trade by involvement NAFTA.

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