After the good Marvel dryness of 2020, this year has seen a return to form for the MCU with an limitless amount of brand-new films and TV shows.

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The newest arrival on the little screen has been the animated series, What If…?, i beg your pardon poses questions about alternate realities throughout the MCU, proving to it is in a perfect follow-up to the multiverse-creating Loki series.

Each episode has told a fully different story and also following the relax of illustration 4, attention has actually turned to illustration 5 the What If…? and what story will be told this time around.

What If…? illustration 4 recap

Titled What If… doctor Strange lost His Heart instead of His Hands, illustration 4 came to be What If…?’s most mind-bending and heartbreaking episode as soon as it came down on September 1st.

Centring on medical professional Strange, the episode sees the love the his life, Christine Palmer, get killed in the car crash that originally saw his hands obtain badly injured.

Driven by the lose of Christine, Strange intends to alter a fixed event in time and also delves right into dark magic come gain sufficient power to carry out so.

However, the old One secretly separation the timeline in two in an effort to avoid the evil physician Strange. But her efforts, and those the the good Stephen Strange, prove futile as angry Strange succeeds in his plan, wiping the end his truth in the process.


Marvel Studios | Disney+

What If…? illustration 5 preview

Episode 5 the What If…? will be exit on Disney+ on September 8th 2021.

If you want to clock the new instalment as quickly as the releases, episode 5 will certainly be made obtainable at midnight Pacific Time in the US.

The episode will be exit at the same time approximately the human being which converts to 3am ET in the US, 8am below in the UK, 12:30pm in India and also 5pm in Sydney, Australia.

Each episode of What If…? is supposed to be approximately 30 minutes in length, which is a little much shorter than the three previous Marvel collection we’ve had actually so far.

No title or synopsis was released before episode 5’s arrival but a now-deleted article from Fansided said that the illustration would focus on the God the Thunder, but this time revolving about “Party Thor.”

However, that didn’t prove to it is in the instance as illustration 5 instead centres on a zombie outbreak in the MCU, with numerous members the the Avengers gift afflicted if others find desperately because that a cure.

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How countless episodes in total?

What If…? season 1 will consist of ripe episodes in total.

Like every one of Marvel’s Disney+ shows, one brand-new episode that What If…? will be arriving each week complying with the premiere on august 11th.

With ripe episodes in season 1, What If…? is expected to proceed on Disney+ until the finale come on October 6th.

Beyond What If…?’s very first nine episodes, it’s already been evidenced that season 2 the the anthology series is in advancement with a more nine illustration in keep according to Collider.

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Marvel Studios | Disney+

What If…? proceeds weekly top top Disney+ after ~ premiering on august 11th, 2021.

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