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What is a next Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Most Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments make use of the complement format, definition the duelist to win 2 of three games tirumphs. ~ the very first game, you'll have knowledge the what your opponent runs, and also to help change your tactics, you can swap out cards from her main and extra deck through your side deck.Side decks have the right to hold as much as 15 cards, and although you can switch as many out as you like, your deck size has to stay the same. They're a great place to save counters to specific strategies, cycling castle in as soon as you check out your enemy running one, and also they do your very own arsenal less predictable. However with thousands of potential choices, i m sorry units power supreme? These room the 10 ideal cards for your side deck in Yu-Gi-Oh!


10. Dinowrestler Pankratops

Type: MonsterLike countless of the ideal side deck cards, Pankratops is a "hand trap," a monster whose impact activates indigenous the hand. In this case, if your opponent controls more monsters 보다 you, you deserve to special summon him. Not only does that wield a fierce 2600 ATK, Pankratops have the right to tribute any type of Dinowrestler monster you manage (including himself) to destroy an opposing card.Since this is a quick effect, you have the right to activate it at instant speed on one of two people player's round. Thus, use Pankratops for a rapid warrior who doubles as a removal against any card type, and also bonus point out if you operation dinosaur or Dinowrestler themes for him to combo with.

Gozen Match

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Rivalry the Warlords

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8. Poisonous Winds

Type: SpellWind isn't the most usual attribute, however you can severely hinder dedicated wind decks (no, not the cleaner) through Poisonous Winds. This consistent spell both stays clear of wind monster from being distinct summoned and also has all wind monsters lose 500 ATK, two huge penalties that clip any kind of avian's wings.Of course, don't encompass this magic if you're running wind monster yourself, but it adeptly counters themes favor "Windwitch," "Majespecter," and "Harpie."

Light-Imprisoning Mirror

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Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

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7. Light-Imprisoning Mirror/Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

Type: TrapLight-Imprisoning and Shadow-Imprisoning mirror excellently punish the 2 most common attributes. They respectively negate all light/dark impacts activated on one of two people the field or graveyard, making them lethal against many the the most common structures.Bear in mind that they don't stop effects activated from the hand or banished zone, but those are uncommon loopholes that will seldom prove troublesome. Use these traps to shut under themes prefer "Blue-Eyes," "Supreme King," "Red-Eyes," "Dark Magician," and many much more (just be sure not come hinder your very own cards in the process).

PSY-Framegear Gamma

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PSY-Frame Driver

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6. PSY-Framegear Gamma

Type: MonsterGamma's greatest downside is that he essentiallys take up two slots in her side deck, together his intake relies on additionally running the typical monster "PSY-Frame Driver." and without any effects, Driver is a quite lackluster card.However, the two form a potent combo; you can special summon Gamma (who can't be typical summoned/set) from her hand as soon as your opponent activates a monster impact while you manage no monsters. You additionally special summon Driver from your hand, deck, or graveyard, Not only does this ar two monsters, it negates and also destroys the activating monster. You'll have to banish Gamma and also Driver throughout your finish phase, yet if you use the capability on her turn, girlfriend can easily use them as link, tribute, or synchro product (Gamma is a tuner) to avoid their exile. Or, on her opponent's round, they could be ruined by battle before the banishment occurs.

Twin Twisters

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Heavy Storm Duster

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5. Twin Twisters/Heavy Storm Duster

Type: Spell/TrapAs the finest spell/trap removals in the game, these 2 cards frequently see use in main decks, but they likewise make good side deck entries come swap in against spell/trap hefty decks (like pendulum themes).Twin Twisters has actually you discard yet destroys up to 2 spells/traps, and also as a quick-play, you deserve to use that on either player's turn. Catch card hefty Storm Duster is slower due to the fact that it demands to be collection for at least one turn, however it destroys up to two spell/traps through no discard penalty. You also forfeit your turn's fight phase, but that's a nonexistent penalty if offered on your opponent's turn.

4. Mutual Ride

Type: SpellHand advantage is vast in any type of TCG; the more cards friend have, the an ext plays you have the right to make. Mutual Ride adeptly punishes your adversary for an increasing their array; when activated, any kind of time they include a map to your hand from your graveyard or deck various other than by drawing, you acquire to attract a card.Search engines room common, with many top decks able come pull 3 or much more cards in a turn; mutual Ride allows you capitalize on each through a single spell. Plus, together a quick-play, you have the right to activate on one of two people player's turn and potentially bait a removal.

3. Droll & Lock Bird

Type: MonsterRather than tailgating your opponent's searches with mutual Ride, you can totally disable them with this hand trap. Once your adversary pulls a card from your deck top top either turn (other 보다 their default draw), you have the right to send Droll from your hand come the graveyard to avoid either player from adding cards because that the remainder of the turn.Your opponent's early search will certainly succeed, but for the rest of the turn, they'll be can not to attract or find anything else, adeptly maintaining their rate in check.

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2. Result Veiler

Type: MonsterWhen your adversary summons a boss monster during their main phase , you can send result Veiler from her hand to her graveyard come negate that is abilities because that the turn. This works particularly well ~ above monsters through entrance effects; when their early stage activation window is negated, they won't have one more chance to use their abilities. Together a bonus, Veiler is additionally a tuner, helping synchro summon if fielded, and his light attribute helps accessibility the Chaos monsters (who need banishing light and also dark features from her graveyard).Effect Veiler functions well in any type of deck, but I an especially enjoy to run him in spellcaster or synchro themes; fortunately, because that such a vain card, he's surprisingly cheap, costing well under 2 dollars!

1. Ash blossom & Joyous Spring

Type: MonsterYet one more hand trap, Ash blossom can additionally punish searches, as you may discard she to negate an result that would include a card from a player's deck to their hand. Girlfriend can additionally negate abilities that distinct summon native the deck or send a map from the the graveyard, making her a versatile tool with several uses. Plus, she zombie form offers plenty of graveyard applications, and also her tuner status helps accessibility synchro monsters as soon as needed.Counterparts choose "Ghost Ogre & eye Rabbit" and "Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion" are also worth considering, however in many cases, Ash is the cream of the crop.

Archetype next Deck Cards

In enhancement to today's entries, unused members the your chosen theme additionally make worthy next deck options, as perform extra copies of cards in your key deck. Remember, side decks are an excellent for concealing details but powerful removals that you can lug out once the targeted food arises. While no the many sporting practice, you can even bluff through swapping part cards out, climate swapping them back in, tricking your foe into reasoning your selection will be slightly different.Just remember that your overall deck size need to stay the same and also that you have the right to only have three copies of a single card (less if limited or semi-limited) throughout her decks. However for now, as we eagerly await Konami's next growth of next deck aces, vote for her favorite card and also I'll see you at our following Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!