Ben Higgins of The Bachelor 2016 does have a few tattoos. It now turns out that one of Ben"s tattoos has a huge mistake top top it, yet he doesn"t seem come mind at all.

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Bustle mutual the news about what is walking on v Ben"s tattoo and also it actually was an moral mistake. At least, that wasn"t messed up also bad. Ben freshly was ~ above the Channel 33 podcast and also this is as soon as he mutual all about his tattoo. This was a tattoo the Ben Higgins acquired while he to be a student in the first year in college and he has left the that way ever since.

Ben goes there is no a shirt often on the show and also so viewers are provided to see his tattoo on his side. That is generally pretty far away though, and also Higgins pan can"t see precisely what that says. This tattoo top top Ben Higgins" side is an alleged to speak the scripture Proverbs 16:3, i m sorry reads, "commit come the Lord every little thing you do, and also your plans will succeed." The tattoo artist to be able to obtain the indigenous on Ben Higgins tattoo right, but there was one huge mistake.

There is one good thing around this chaos up that taken place to Ben Higgins" tattoo. The verse that they placed doesn"t also exist. Therefore at least Ben doesn"t have actually two different meanings on his tattoo. Well it has been fixed anyway. Ben Higgins went earlier to the tattoo parlor and they addressed it for free. Currently what supplied to it is in a four is a cross and also Ben even got a partial refund after that happened. He doesn"t seem come be also upset around it.

If the girls on The Bachelor know this about Ben Higgins" tattoo, they room going to it is in looking at it to check out if they can see that 4 underneath the cross. Ben to be lucky that he to be able to get it addressed at least. Hopefully, that at least saved some images of the tattoo before he obtained it taken treatment of.

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Last week, Jubilee Sharpe acquired a an excellent date with Ben Higgins, and it seemed like these two obtained along great. It was enough that Ben was able to give her the rose on your one ~ above one date and also keep her around for at the very least one much more week top top the show. Jubliee can end increase sticking roughly for a lengthy time top top the show.

Are friend surprised to hear the Ben Higgins had a tattoo the was entirely messed up? have actually you ever before had this happen to you? Sound off in the comment below and don"t miss brand-new episodes of The Bachelor ~ above Monday nights top top ABC.

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Ben is finally starting to narrow down the girls trying to success his heart.