Jeffrey J. Porter, Justin Wildsmith, Christopher D. Melm, mark D. Schuchard, Kevin M. Ray, Dian Er Chen, Graham B.I. Scott


Plasma Facts


Figure 1.

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AQUA™ Depletion plasma facts


Figure 2.Plasma Protein Depletion Workflow


High-Abundance Protein Depletion

Tryptic Digestion

LC-MS/MS Analysis

AQUA™ Analysis

An AQUA™ Peptide stock systems was ready by dissolving isotopically labeling versions that the 2 target peptides (FQNALLVR* and also GASQAGAPQGR*, respectively) in 0.1% TFA to a final concentration of 62.5 fmol/mL. Every digest sample (whole and also depleted plasma) was liquified in 20 mL that the AQUA™ Peptide share solution. Samples to be analyzed making use of an Agilent capillary 1100 HPLC coupled to a Thermo Finnigan LTQ linear ion trap mass spectrometer. Utilizing an LC-SRM method, the absolute amount of each peptide (and matching protein) was determined.


. Minimal use of this technique is allowed under a licensing arrangement with Harvard clinical School." data-cmp-is="image"/>

Figure 3. Overview the the Protein-AQUA™ Method. This method was arisen by Dr. Steve Gygi and also colleagues at Harvard medical School . Limited use of this technique is allowed under a licensing plan with Harvard clinical School.

Select an optimal tryptic peptide and also stable isotope amino acid from the succession of her protein of interest.

Order artificial AQUA™ Peptide from.

Optimize LC-MS/MS separation protocol because that quantitation.

Extract protein from biological samples and add known quantity of AQUA™ peptide.


Analyze by LC-MS/MS or MALDI to quantitate protein of interest.

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Figure 4A) with bad resolution and also low signal-to-noise. When analyzed in depleted plasma (Figure 4C), the endogenous gelsolin peptide is easily separated indigenous interfering types and its concentration easily calculated by comparison to the AQUA™ peptide interior standard (Figures 4B and 4D)." data-cmp-is="image"/>


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