INTRO:Light, radiant warm (infrared radiation), X rays, and also radio waves room all instances of travel electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves comprise combinations the electric and also magnetic areas that room mutually compatible in the feeling that the changes in one create the other.The simplest type of a travel electromagnetic tide is a aircraft wave. For a wave traveling in thexdirection whose electrical field is in theydirection, the electric and magnetic fields are provided byE =E0sin(kx−ωt)j^B =B0sin(kx−ωt)k^This wave is linearly polarized in theydirection.Part A:In this formulas, that is helpful to understand which variables areparametersthat specify the nature of the wave. The variables E0and B0are the __________ of the electric and also magnetic fields.Choose the best answer to to fill in the blank.A) maximaB) amplitudesC) wavelengthsD) velocitiesPart B:The change ω is dubbed the __________ the the wave.Choose the best answer to fill in the blank.A) velocityB) angular frequencyC) wavelengthPart C:The variable k is called the __________ of the wave.Choose the best answer to to fill in the blank.A) wavenumberB) wavelengthC) velocityD) frequencyPart D:What is the mathematics expression because that the electric field at the suggest x=0, y=0, z in ~ time t?A) E = E0sin(−ωt)j^B) E = E0sin(−ωt)k^C) E = 0D) E = E0sin(kz−ωt)i^E) E = E0sin(kz−ωt)j^Part E:For a provided wave, what room the physical variables to which the tide responds?A) x onlyB) t onlyC) k onlyD) ω onlyE) x and tF) x and also kG) ω and tH) k and ωPart F:What is the wavelength λ the the wave described in the problem introduction?Express the wavelength in regards to the other given variables and constants choose π.SOLUTION:λ = 2π⋅1/kPart G:What is the period T the the wave explained in the trouble introduction?Express the period of this tide in regards to ω and also any constantsSOLUTION:frequency = 1/period ↔ duration = 1/frequencyf = 1/T ↔ T = 1/ff = ω/<2π> → T = 2π⋅1/ωPart H:What is the velocity v that the wave explained in the trouble introduction?Express the velocity in regards to quantities provided in the advent (such as ω and k) and also any useful constants.SOLUTION:v = fλ & λ = 2π⋅1/k & f = ω/<2π>so... V = 2π⋅1/k⋅ω/<2π> = ω/k

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