The boy in the strip Pajamas Themes The main themes in The young in the striped Pajamas room innocence, friendship, and human nature.

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Innocence: Bruno and also Shmuel exhibit a childlike innocence. Bruno is greatly ignorant the the horrors of the Holocaust, also when he becomes friends with a concentration camp inmate.Friendship: The boys’ devotion come one another persists in spite of their various backgrounds and circumstances.Human nature: Bruno and Shmuel stand for humanity"s capacity for goodness and also compassion, while Bruno"s father and also Lieutenant Kotler stand for humanity"s capacity for evil.
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Innocence is crucial theme transparent the novel. Back Bruno and Shmuel re-publishing a certain childlike innocence, the fact is that Shmuel is a prisoner in Auschwitz and also has definitely seen horrific sights. Bruno, ~ above the other hand, is fiercely defended by his parents who perform not desire him to know around the horrors the the truth that is the Holocaust; in particular, they go to an excellent lengths to save the details of Bruno"s father"s task a mystery from him. The location junxtap of together innocence with the innate evil that the Holocaust sets a touching tone. This template reinforces the idea that hatred and prejudice room learned behaviors.



Another far-ranging theme in the novel is friendship. The desire for friendship is universal and at no time is it an ext important than during childhood. Bruno and Shmuel exist in two completely different worlds however share a common desire because that companionship during a challenging and lonely time. Despite their remarkably various circumstances, Bruno and Shmuel create a systematic friendship. As their friendship develops, it is experiment on countless occasions together the boys navigate their individual realities. As soon as Shmuel is brought to Bruno"s residence to occupational as a servant, Bruno denies learning him and also giving that food;...

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