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What kind of device can monitor a link at the demarc however cannot translate data? The DTE or endpoint maker for a leased line is known as which device below? OC-48 What OC level is mainly used together a regional ISP backbone and occasionally by very big hospitals universities or other significant enterprises? What type of device can monitor a link at the demarc but cannot translate data ? clever jack. Where does an MPLS label go in a PDU? between Layers 2 and also 3. What is the shortest layer the the OSI version at which LANs and also WANs support the exact same protocols? great 3 one organization can lease a exclusive ----- the is not mutual with other users or a ----- that deserve to be physical configured over shared lines in the carrier"s cloud. Devoted line online circuit What kind of maker can screen a connection at the demarc however cannot interpret data ? start studying Network+ chapter 11. Discover vocabulary state and more with flashcards games and other research tools. ... What kind of maker can monitor a connection at the demarc however cannot interpret the data ? D. Smart jack. What specification identified the criter for broadband cable? thing Eleven: large Area Networks . Geosynchronous earth orbiting satellites are the kind used by the most popular satellite data company provide...


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