It’s finally October, which method it’s about time that you begin planning your Halloween costume. However what on earth are girlfriend going come wear? We’ve acquired you spanned with costumes inspired by the hottest T.V. Shows, movies, and video games indigenous 2016.

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Eleven – Stranger Things

Undoubtedly, Stranger Things inspired costumes will certainly be the fight of this year Halloween. Get ready to stare at a many strangers through blood running under your nose. The best component about this costume is the you’ll always a snack on hand- Eggo waffles!

What you Need: Blonde wig, pink dress, blue jacket, box of Eggo waffles, fake blood because that nosebleeds


Cookie – Empire

Just in situation you were in search of an pardon to break out that leopard pantsuit sit in the back of her closet… we have actually the costume because that you. Get your RBF ready and try to understand Cookie Lyon’s fierce mindset this Halloween.

What girlfriend Need: Leopard print, faux fur, anything with sequins, bold lipstick, fake nails


Deadpool – Marvel

Forget her Spiderman and Batman costumes because Deadpool is the superhero costume of the year. Memorize a couple of of Deadpool’s signature one-liners and call the a day!

What friend Need: Deadpool mask, red pants, red shirt, plastic gun, one sassy attitude


The Chanels – shout Queens

For the fashionistas the end there, The Chanels indigenous Scream majesties are the perfect team costume. Color coordinate your many chic outfits, take a collection of earmuffs, pearls, and also maybe a bloody knife to complete off the costume.

What friend Need: Heels, dress suits, pearls, bloody plastic knife, lipstick, earmuffs (for Chanel #3)


Harley Quinn – suicide Squad

If you’re searching for a costume where you deserve to wear pigtails and carry about a bat in ~ the exact same time, Harley Quinn is her girl! Portray Margot Robbie’s variation from this year’s self-destruction Squad.

What girlfriend Need: Daddy’s small Monster t-shirt, pigtails, pink and blue hair dye, baseball bat, red lipstick, bubblegum


Blanche – Pokémon Go

Catch Pokémon and candy this Halloween by dressing up as Blanche, one of our favorites indigenous the Pokémon walk game. Not just will you be dressed up as the leader the Team Mystic, but you will acquire to undertake comfortable leggings every night – win, win!

What friend Need: Blue trench coat, dark blue leggings, long hair white wig, Poké ball


The Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters

If you’re trying to find a costume idea…who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! This year is the perfect time to bring ago this standard costume due to the fact that of the mrs reboot that came out in July. If you can master Kate McKinnon’s hair from the movie, you’ll acquire some major bonus points in our book.

What girlfriend Need: Ghostbusters pantsuit or t-shirt, black boots, plastic gun


Fancy Dogs – Sausage Party

Presenting: the easiest team costume in the world. Every you require is a hot dog suit and a couple of friends to get this party started!

What friend Need: Hot Dog Costume, “Fancy Dogs” sign


Pablo Escobar – Narcos

Halloween is all about villains and heroes- Pablo Escobar personifies both. V Narcos‘ second season’s recent release, this costume is bound to be a hit! Carry roughly a sack of flour and a bag complete of money to hit it out of the ballpark.

What you Need: sack of flour (fake cocaine), fake money, rod on mustache, switch up shirt, curly brown hair wig, plastic gun


McCree – Overwatch

McCree from Overwatch takes the cowboy look to the following level. If you’ve to be searching for an opportunity come walk about with a cigar in her mouth and not cut for a few weeks- we have the costume because that you!

What friend Need: Wide-rimmed brown hat, plastic gun, red cape or shawl, brown gloves, fake cigar


Doctor strange – Marvel

Two Marvel characters made ours Halloween list this year. None various other than Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing doctor Strange in the upcoming movie, which will be released in November. Master his brooding look and also you’re every set.

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What girlfriend Need: Red cape, blue shirt, blue pants, handlebar mustache, Eye the Agamotto necklace


Nathan Drake – Uncharted

Dress up as your favorite Uncharted character, Nathan Drake! Let’s be real- no one pulls off a scarf choose our man, Nathan Drake. This costume is an easy, last-minute option due to the fact that it’s nice minimal.

What girlfriend Need: White button down shirt, blue scarf, jeans, shoulder holster, fake gun, and also a totality lot of dirt