Driving in for a visit? There are a few things you need to know around time zones, drive times, and hours of operation for her favorite attractions. Here’s a comfortable guide!  

What Time is it There? 

Spencer County is situated in the Central time zone. If you’re coming from Evansville or Chicago or St. Louis, yes no require to change your phones or watches on arrival. 

Visiting indigenous Louisville or Cincinnati or Indianapolis? as soon as you get here, make sure to fall ago an hour to keep yourself appropriate on schedule.  

Slow Time vs. Fast Time 

If you have your phone’s clock collection to automatically change time zones, girlfriend might notice something a tiny odd throughout your visit. Our close next-door neighbors to the north, Dubois county (home to the communities of Ferdinand, Huntingburg, and also Jasper) are on eastern time. So, if you’re traveling throughout the area, her phone may switch earlier and forth repeatedly… and may even get a little confused around what time it have to be showing! 

Odder still is just how locals refer to the various time zones. You’ll seldom hear anyone who lives in the area speak about central or eastern time. Instead, you’ll likely hear “slow time” and also “fast time.” for those not in the know, sluggish time is central and quick time is eastern because main is one hour behind… obtain it? 

How long Does It take to get There? 

One of the great things around this area is how it’s a reasonable driving street to a many bigger cities. The means it’s also a reasonable steering distance for visitors from those cities… and also we’re always ready come welcome them! 

So, just how long will your journey be? utilizing Santa Claus, Indiana, as your final destination, here’s what you have the right to expect your approximate drive time to be. 

Evansville – 1 hour 

Louisville – 1 ¼ hour 

Nashville – 2 ½ hours 

Cincinnati – 2 ¾ hours 

Indianapolis – 3 hours 


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Louis – 3 hours 

Chicago – 5 ½ hours 

If you’re among our eastern time region neighbors, you’ll be “saving” part time before you obtain here. Leave Louisville at 8:00 ET? You’ll obtain here approximately 8:15 regional time… talk around a fast trip! 

What’s open When 

Before her visit and also while she here, you’ll need to understand the hours of operation for the area’s attractions, shopping, restaurants, and more. That’s where our What’s open up page comes in handy! the updated monthly to offer you the most up-to-date information and also ensure you’re constantly on time!