The existing formula is acquired from the Ohms law. Current is defined as the flow of electrons in an electric circuit. The flow of electrons occurs as result of potential differences. The present is likewise known together the rate of readjust of charge with time. Present is stood for by I and SI unit of current is Ampere. Permit us discover the application of the present formula in the ar below.

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What Is the present Formula?

According come Ohm's law, the current is theratioof the potential difference and the resistance. Thus, the present formulais provided by: i = V/R



I representcurrent in Ampere,V is the potential distinction in VoltR is the resistance in Ohm(Ω).

Let united state see the applications the the current formula in the complying with solved instances section.

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Examples Using existing Formula

Example 1: In an electrical circuit, the potential difference and also the resistance are offered as 20V and also 4Ω respectively. Making use of the present formula, find the current flowing in the circuit.


To find: Current(I) flow in the circuit.Given:V = 20V, R = 4ΩUsing present formulaI = V/RI = 20/4I = 5

Answer: current flowing in the circuit is 5 Ampere.

Example 2: The complete current flow in an electrical circuit is 50Amp conversely, the resistance that the wires is 14Ohm. Utilizing the current formula discover the potential difference.


To uncover the potential difference:Given:I = 50 A, R = 14ΩUsing existing formulaI = V/R50 = V/14V = 50 × 14V = 700

Answer: Potential distinction is 700 V.

Example 3: In an electrical circuit, the potential distinction is 20 V and also the value of current is 5 Amp respectively. Making use of the existing formula, uncover the resistance the the circuit.


To uncover the resistance(R) the the circuit:Given:V = 20V, ns = 5 AmpUsing present formulaR = V/IR = 20/5R = 4Ω

Answer:The resistance of the circuit4Ω.

FAQs on present Formula

How execute You calculation CurrentUsing present Formula?

If the voltage (V) and resistance (R)of any type of circuit is offered we have the right to use the current formula to calculation the current, i.e.,I = V/R (amps).

How carry out You calculation VoltageUsing current Formula?

If the existing (I)and resistance (R) of any circuit is given we deserve to moldthe existing formula to calculate the voltage, i.e.,V = IR (Volts).

How execute You calculate ResistanceUsing present Formula?

If the existing (I)and potential difference(V) of any kind of circuit are given we have the right to mold the present formula to calculation the resistance, i.e., R= V/I(Ohms Ω).

What Is the definition of existing Formula? create Its SI Unit.

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The current is theratioof the potential difference and also the resistance. The is stood for as (I). The present formula is given as ns = V/R. The SI unit of existing is Ampere (Amp).