A filter that gets rid of all the data would avoid data from appearing in a tradition Report.

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If You haven’t mutual that custom report with users in the very same view, this also would protect against data from showing up in a practice Report.

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Which of these would avoid data from appearing in a tradition Report?

Too plenty of metrics in a practice ReportToo plenty of dimensions in a custom ReportCustom Report isn’t common with users in the exact same viewA filter that clears all the data

The exactly answer is: A filter that clears all the data

Explanation: including filter borders the report to particular dimensions. This allows you border the data that shows up in the custom report. Filtering her incoming hits permanently includes, excludes, or transforms those hits in the view, follow to the type of filter used on the custom report.

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Therefore, girlfriend should constantly maintain one unfiltered watch of her data so you constantly have accessibility to your complete data set.

Learn more here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1151300

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