The drama series" 4th season opens with Abigail (Lori Loughlin) starting her task as mayor of hope Valley. Together she tries to wade with the sea of small requests coming from the townsfolk, beam Wyatt (Jeremy Guilbaut) proposes a brand-new train course that would certainly bring new people and also business into town. As the season progresses, the effects of the railroad building start to manifest themselves in the kind of new workforce coming right into town and also some that the locals becoming skeptical about the brand-new people, which in turn puts the townsfolk in ~ odds v each other.

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Episode 1

Words indigenous the Heart

Sun, Feb 19, 2017 60 mins

A boy has an old injury with which the struggles, and also Elizabeth help him concerned terms through it as she and Jack coach the children in baseball.

Episode 2

Heart the Truth

Sun, Feb 26, 2017 60 mins

Robert speak a lie about a be affected by each other sighting and also is hailed as a hero, yet Elizabeth"s identified to obtain him to expose the truth.

Episode 3

The heart of the Community

Sun, Mar 5, 2017 60 mins

Elizabeth and also the youngsters throw a carnival to raise money for brand-new school supplies, and for brand-new student Phillip, the carnival provides a beam of hope because that him and his connection with his distant father.

Episode 4

Change of Heart

Sun, Mar 12, 2017 60 mins

Elizabeth battles with farming pains in ~ the school. Meanwhile, an old girlfriend visits Jack; Abigail"s tenure as mayor is threatened; and also Rosemary theatre matchmaker.

Episode 5

Heart that a Teacher

Sun, Mar 19, 2017 60 mins

Elizabeth fights to clear she name and also get her job back. Meanwhile, Jack gets part troubling news; Wyatt and also the railroad proceed to make problems for hope Valley; and also the youngsters have to address a stern brand-new schoolteacher.

Episode 6

My Heart will certainly Go On

Sun, Mar 26, 2017 60 mins

Jack provides some complicated life options after the death of a friend, and also his selections may affect Elizabeth.

Episode 7

Healing Heart

Sun, Apr 2, 2017 60 mins

ray Wyatt"s nephews to visit Elizabeth"s class and bully the other students. Meanwhile, Lee loses his voice, so Rosemary does the talking for him; bill finds AJ Foster; and also Ray Wyatt opens up a commissary, which steals service from Abigail"s café.

Episode 8

Courageous Hearts

Sun, Apr 9, 2017 60 mins

Tension in between Elizabeth and her new students continues. Meanwhile, Lee and also Rosemary fight around Rosemary discovering to drive; and Abigail struggles to hold the café together while the railroad"s commissary thrives.

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Episode 9

Heart of a Secret

Sun, Apr 16, 2017 60 mins

Elizabeth takes Opal in while she parents are away. Meanwhile, a newcomer to hope Valley has some insight into Carson Shepherd"s secret past; and also an unlikely revolve of occasions puts Cody in harm"s way.

Episode 10

Heart the a Fighter

Sun, Apr 23, 2017 60 mins

In the fourth-season finale, the townsfolk gather about Abigail together Cody fights for his life. Meanwhile, Carson comes to terms through his past and also gets a possibility at redemption.