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One of our current math ideas has been comparing numbers. We"ve done a selection of tasks to cover these standards-TEKS 1.1A Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student uses totality numbers come describe and compare quantities.The student is meant to compare and order whole numbers up to 99 (less than, higher than, or equal to) utilizing sets that concrete objects and also pictorial models.TEKS 1.1B Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student uses entirety numbers to describe and compare quantities.The student is supposed to develop sets the tens and ones making use of concrete objects come describe, compare, and also order totality numbers.TEKS 1.1D Number, operation, and also quantitative reasoning.The student uses entirety numbers come describe and compare quantities.The college student is supposed to read and also write numbers to 99 to describe sets the concrete objects.As we wrap up our first unit on numeration, one of the things I wanted to cover to be some genuine life applications that number comparisons. I dug with the newspaper and also found some articles and ads to show my kiddos.

We go a Think, Pair, Share around why we might need come know how to to compare numbers and had a good discussion around it! They shared that they would need to know how much something prices to check out if lock need an ext or less money to buy it, they would require to have the ability to compare their age to their sister"s age and also we provided some of the examples from the newspaper, too! lock all decided that the bigger TV to be better, therefore we definitely needed come know just how to compare the inch on the TV! us talked about the sporting activities scores and also prices at the grocery keep as well.
My husband visited Kansas State and also I saw Texas, for this reason you recognize he love seeing that score!
We tied it all in through our Weather unit and also created a class publication for to compare temperatures!
Thermometer image from the impressive 3am Teacher!! inspect "em the end here!
I provided each set of partner a weather map from the ago of the newspaper and also to do it less complicated on myself (with 28 kiddos!), i circled the two cities I want them come compare. They operated together to fill in their page for the course book.

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They glued their weather maps ~ above the earlier of their publication page and I can"t wait to display them the completed book tomorrow! It"ll be a big hit in our classroom library!If you are interested in making use of the 2 publication pages, you have the right to download castle for cost-free right here! hope you are having a good week!