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Which that the following best describes the traits-based concept of leadership?

a. A theory of management that make the efforts to disclose a set of universal skills that are pertinent in all leadership situations

b. A theory of leadership that explained leadership by assessing the attributes of individuals considered to be historically an excellent leaders

c. A concept in which leaders are much more effective relying on the favorability the a management situation

d. A theory of management in which leader treat each member differently, and as a result, build unique relationships through each member

a. A theory of management that do the efforts to expose a collection of universal an abilities that are pertinent in all leadership situations

________ an abilities refer to a leader"s knowledge about an organization and job-related activities.

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a. Conceptual

b. Cognitive

c. Technical

d. Interpersonal

c.) technical

Cognitive an abilities of management refer to:

a. A leader"s knowledge around an organization and also job-related activities.

b. A leader"s capacity to understand the internal and external environments.

c. A leader"s knowledge about the employees" interests and objectives.

d. A leader"s capacity to preserve a fairly low profile and also share credit.

b. A leader"s capability to know the internal and external environments.

The element that distinguish task-oriented leaders from relations-oriented leaders is that:

a. Task-oriented leaders frequently treat subordinates together equals and encourage lock to take initiative in fixing problems.

b. Task-oriented leaders often tend to type emotional ties v their subordinates.

c. Relations-oriented leader focus much more on observing workers, reading reports, and also inspecting quality.

d. Relations-oriented leaders worth workers together humans, focusing more on supporting and developing them.

d. Relations-oriented leaders worth workers as humans, focusing an ext on supporting and also developing them.

Individuals who arouse solid followership v inspirational visions and/or compelling an individual attributes are dubbed ________ leaders.

a. Task-oriented

b. Charismatic

c. Relations-oriented

d. Transactional

b.) charismatic

________ management refers to the process by i m sorry a leader provides something come subordinates in return for something the subordinates want.

a. Charismatic

b. Transactional

c. Transformational

d. Relations-oriented

b.) transactional

Transformational leaders have tendency to focus an ext on:

a. Maintaining a reward mechanism to motivate followers.

b. Persuading subordinates to finish tasks.

c. Security operations and performance.

d. Inspiring and also motivating followers.

d. Inspiring and also motivating followers.

During the tires partnership step of the partnership life cycle, the:

a. Leaders rely on rules and contractual obligations to motivate performance and also subordinates comply through the leader in exchange for economic rewards.

b. Leader uses the low grade a opportunity to rise his or her duty in the group and the subordinate accepts the brand-new role.

c. Leader exam the subordinate"s ability to deal with with more responsibility and the low grade decides even if it is the leader is precious the extra effort.

d. Leaders and also their followers understand they can depend on every other and subordinates perform additional assignments.

d. Leaders and their followers understand they can depend on every other and also subordinates perform additional assignments.

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________ theory claims that the most important element in leadership is the follower"s expectation the a task deserve to be completed and the it will result in rewards.

a. Fiedler"s contingency

b. Hersey and Blanchard"s situational leadership

c. Traits-based leadership

d. House"s course goal

d.) house"s path goal

Which that the following refers come the elements of a situation that make leadership unnecessary?

a. Leadership traits

b. Leadership substitutes

c. Management neutralizers

d. Leadership positions

b.) management substitutes

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