A. Invalid due to the fact that you need to make the class abstract due to the fact that there is an abstract role inside.

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class Ghost abstract void haunt();B. This is not the correct answer, yet I don"t know why due to the fact that it is an summary class, and also they can not be instantiated. The other option is that it"s an invalid definition, yet I don"t see exactly how it can be invalid, that only has a duty call.

abstract course Ghost void haunt();C. This is the exactly answer

abstract class Ghost void haunt() ;D. It"s not a class but a method so that can"t be instantiated

abstract Ghost summary void haunt();E. Needs "abstract" instead of "static"

static class Ghost abstract haunt();
java abstract-class
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B is invalid since the technique haunt has no implementation and also not declared abstract. It must be

abstract class Ghost summary void haunt();Only interfaces can declare abstract approaches without heralding them abstract clearly

interface Gost void haunt();
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In option B

void haunt();is not a an approach call, it"s in reality a method an interpretation and it"s invalid due to the fact that it doesn"t have method body and also doesn"t marked as abstract.

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