Q5.1 Recall the some varieties in the intertidal zone are mobile, when others space sessile (stationary) and this affects exactly how individuals complete with each other. I beg your pardon of the following complete for space on intertidal rocks?

Algae and starfishMussels, whelk, and also chitonAlgae and also BarnaclesStarfish and also starfish

Q5.2 The illustration below is a food net diagram for a subset that the ecological neighborhood surrounding arctic sea ice. Based upon the diagram and assuming that is complete for this species, i beg your pardon of the statement below is false?

Seals are consumed by polar bears.Crustaceans are consumed by hod.Cod are eaten by seals and polar bears.Algae and phytoplankton are consumed by crustaceans.

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Q5.3 A team of biologists is studying the competitive relationships among strains that bacteria the exist in the offal of fish. The researcher have built a competitive prominence hierarchy diagram because that a particular collection of conditions (shown below). Under these conditions, i beg your pardon bacterial strain is the least competitively dominant?

Strain GStrain pStrain TStrain z

Q5.4 What dramatically transforms when starfish are gotten rid of from the stimulated system?

only minor transforms occur come the systemnori seaweed and also black pine tree populations increase in sizeThe ar becomes conquered by mussels.The acorn barnacle populace increases in size.

Q5.5 Which of the following is NOT critical characteristic the a keystone species?

A relatively low abundance compared to other types in the communityRemoval the the varieties leads to a large change in the community.Direct communication (through compete or predation) through every other types in the communityA high affect on the neighborhood relative come its population size.


The diagrams below show really simplified varieties relationships for particular areas of african savannah. Remind what the direction the arrows means for each kind of diagram. Then usage these simplified diagrams come answer the next 3 questions. (Note: Real-world savannahs support much more species with more complicated relationships.)

Q5.6 If you gotten rid of all the Lions from a big area that savannah, i beg your pardon of the following is a straight effect that can be defined by the diagrams?

An rise in the Cheetah populace sizeA to decrease in the Cheetah population sizeAn rise in the Gazelle populace sizeA to decrease in the Gazelle population size

Q5.7 If you gotten rid of all the lions from a large area the savannah, which of the adhering to is one indirect impact that might be explained by the diagrams?

An boost in the Cheetah populace sizeA decrease in the Cheetah population sizeAn boost in the Gazelle population sizeA decrease in the Gazelle populace size Submit

Q5.8 community ecologists believe that species that consume dominant competitors are essential for preserving diversity, as you’ve viewed in this lab. Based upon this idea and the diagrams above, which solitary consumer species is most likely to be necessary for preserving plant diversity within the african savanna?

GazellesZebrasElephantsAll space equally likely.

Q5.9 Imagine all the grasshoppers space removed and also excluded from a big area that the grassland ecosystem. Which of the following predictions is least likely to occur, follow to the diagrams?

Spider will certainly go extinctThe Spider C population size will decreaseThe Beetle populace size will certainly increase.The diagrams suggest that every one of the above are equally likely

Q10. follow to both diagrams, the extinction of which among the spider types would likely have actually a lot bigger affect on ar structure 보다 the extinct of anyone of the others?

Spider ASpider BSpider CIt is not feasible to predict.

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