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Answer: 15.01) B) A mechanism of sensory neurons that innervates the all muscle cells Explanation: ANS do not ha…View the full answer

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Transcribed photo text: ... Finish of Chapter question 15.01 Unanswered i beg your pardon of the complying with does not describe the ANS? A system of motor neurons the innervates smooth and cardiac muscle and glands A system of sensory neurons that innervates every muscle cell An involuntary concerned system basic visceral motor system Submit ... End of Chapter inquiry 15.04 Unanswered wherein would friend not find an autonomic ganglion? A In the head In the cervical an ar Close to the visceral effectors they offer In the lymph nodes submit ... Finish of Chapter question 15.03 Unanswered i beg your pardon of this cranial nerves has pre- ganglionic parasympathetic fibers? A 1, Olfactory IV, Trochlear VIII, Vestibulocochlear X, Vagus Submit end of Chapter concern 15.05 Unanswered prepare the body because that the "fight-or-flight" response is the duty of the A Parasympathetic nervous system Cerebellum forgiveness nervous system D Somatic nervous mechanism Submit ... End of Chapter inquiry 15.06 Unanswered What is the "resting and also digesting" division of the ANS? Parasympathetic department Sympathetic division central nervous mechanism Peripheral nervous system Submit finish of Chapter inquiry 15.08 Unanswered over 90% of all parasympathetic fibers are obtained from which cranial nerve? AV D XII send ... End of Chapter concern 15.11 Unanswered sorry nerves might leave the spinal cord at which vertebra? third cervical 4th lumbar second coccyx very first thoracic send ... End of Chapter question 15.14 Unanswered as soon as comparing the ANS and also the SNS, i m sorry of the adhering to statements is incorrect? The effector the the SNS is bones muscle. In the SNS, skeletal muscle contracts as soon as stimulated. The neurotransmitter used at the effector in both systems is ACh. In the ANS, the effector is either created or inhibited. Submit finish of Chapter inquiry 15.16 Unanswered i beg your pardon of the adhering to statements concerning the ANS is correct? The parasympathetic division innervates an ext organs 보다 the forgiveness division. Both departments of the ANS innervate the guts equally. The sympathetic division is additionally called the craniosacral division of the ANS. The forgiveness chain ganglion are likewise called the paravertebral ganglion. Submit finish of Chapter question 15.18 Unanswered i m sorry of the complying with is an not correct pairing? A ACh constricts bronchi. ACh stimulates peristalsis. ACh dilates the pupil. D ACh slows heart rate. Send ... Finish of Chapter concern 15.19 Unanswered i beg your pardon of the adhering to is not a result of parasympathetic stimulation? Salivation Dilation the the pupils increased peristalsis of the digestive viscera elimination of to pee Submit end of Chapter inquiry 15.23 Unanswered The secretions that the adrenal medulla plot to supplement the effects of A Parasympathetic innervation sorry stimulation Vagus nerve task Neurosecretory building material Submit finish of Chapter inquiry 15.24 Unanswered i m sorry of the following statements around the parasympathetic division of the ANS is incorrect? It has cell bodies in both the brainstem or in the spinal cord native S2 to S4. All fibers space cholinergic. C every pre-ganglionic fibers release ACh. Crying and also salivation is no a parasympathetic innervation solution but fairly a sympathetic response. Submit