You have been asked to implement a RAID 5 solution for an engineer’s desktop computer workterminal. What is the minimum number of tough disks that deserve to be provided to connumber RAID 5?


Which of the complying with drive connumbers offers striping without fault tolerance?


You have actually a computer system via three difficult disks. A RAID 0 volume offers space on Disk 1 and also Disk 2. A RAID 1 volume uses room on Disk 2 and Disk 3. Disk 2 fails. Which of the adhering to is true?

Documents on the RAID 1 volume is accessible; information on the RAID 0 volume is not.

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Which RAID configuration level gives raised performance making use of just 2 disks?


You are configuring a brand-new device and desire to use a RAID 0 variety for the operating system using SATA disks and the RAID functionality built into the motherboard. Which of the complying with actions will certainly you take as component of the configuration?

Load the RAID motorists throughout operating mechanism installation.

Your computer system currently runs Windows 7 Enterprise edition. You desire to develop a RAID 5 variety making use of 3 newly-mounted SATA disks. When you go to Disk Management, the option to create the RAID 5 array is not available. What need to you do?

Install an add-on RAID controller.

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You have actually an existing computer system running Windows 7 Enterpincrease. You want to connumber a RAID 1 variety in the computer. You install two new SATA drives, then use the RAID controller integrated in the motherboard to specify a RAID 1 array making use of them. When you boot the computer, Windows does not present the logical RAID drive. What have to you do?

Install the motorists for the RAID controller.

You have been asked to implement a RAID 10 solution for a video clip editor’s desktop workstation. What is the minimum variety of difficult disks that have the right to be offered to configure RAID 10?


Which of the following drive configurations supplies striping with parity for fault tolerance?



Configure a RAID 5 array

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