We’re gift asked to identify the ion that will always be a spectator ion in a precipitation reaction.

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Spectator ions:

▪ species present ~ above both reactant and also product side▪ they should have the same state, same phase, exact same charge▪ these varieties are no really participating in the reaction and also they are “floating around” the solution

To price this, we will describe the solubility rulesin stimulate to identify if the ion will kind an insoluble salt (precipitate) or not.

Solubility Rules:

Soluble Ionic Compounds:

Group 1A ions (Li+, Na+, K+, etc.) and Ammoniumion (NH4+) are soluble▪ Nitrates (NO3-), Acetates (CH3COO- or C2H3O2-), and also most Perchlorates (ClO4-) room soluble▪ Cl-, Br-, and I- room soluble except when paired with Ag+, Pb2+, Cu+, Hg22+▪ Sulfates (SO42-) space soluble except those of Ca2+, Sr2+, Ba2+, Ag+, and also Pb2+

Insoluble Ionic Compounds:

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Problem Details

Which the the complying with ions will constantly be a spectator ion in aprecipitation reaction? (a) Cl–, (b) NO3–, (c) NH4+, (d) S2–,(e) SO42–. Describe briefly.

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