Contrast M1 money supply and M2 money supplyClassify monies as M1 money it is provided or M2 money supply

Cash in her pocket certainly serves as money. However what around checks or credit transaction cards? are they money, too? quite than trying come state a single means of measure money, economists offer wider definitions the money based on liquidity. Liquidity describes how conveniently a gaue won asset have the right to be offered to purchase a good or service. Because that example, cash is really liquid. Her $10 bill deserve to be easily used to buy a hamburger at lunchtime. However, $10 that you have in her savings account is no so simple to use. You have to go to the financial institution or ATM maker and retract that cash come buy her lunch. Thus, $10 in her savings account isless liquid.

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The Federal make reservation Bank, i beg your pardon is the central bank of the unified States, is a bank regulator and is responsible for monetary policy and also defines money follow to that is liquidity. There space two meanings of money: M1 and M2 money supply. M1 money supply includes those monies the are an extremely liquid such together cash, can be harvested (demand) deposits, and also traveler’s check M2 money supply is much less liquid in nature and includes M1 plus savings and time deposits, certificate of deposits, and money sector funds.

M1 money supply contains coins and currency in circulation—the coins and bills that circulate in an economy that room not organized by the U.S. Treasury, at the federal Reserve Bank, or in bank vaults. Very closely related to currency are checkable deposits, additionally known as demand deposits. These space the amounts held in check accounts. They are called demand deposits or checkable deposits due to the fact that the banking school must provide the deposit holder his money “on demand” when a check is composed or a debit map is used. These items together—currency, and checking account in banks—make increase the meaning of money recognized as M1, i beg your pardon is measured day-to-day by the federal Reserve System. Traveler’s checks room a also included in M1, but have reduced in use over the current past.

A more comprehensive definition that money, M2 includes everything in M1 but also adds other types of deposits. For example, M2 consists of savings deposits in banks, i m sorry are bank accounts ~ above which you cannot compose a inspect directly, however from which girlfriend can conveniently withdraw the money at an automatic teller maker or bank. Many banks and also other gaue won institutions also offer a possibility to invest in money industry funds, where the deposits of plenty of individual investors space pooled together and also invested in a safe way, such as short-term federal government bonds. One more ingredient of M2 room the reasonably small (that is, less than around $100,000) certificates the deposit (CDs) or time deposits, which space accounts that the depositor has actually committed come leaving in the financial institution for a certain period of time, varying from a few months come a couple of years, in exchange for a greater interest rate. In short, all these types of M2 room money that you can withdraw and also spend, however which need a greater initiative to do so than the item in M1 number 1 should aid in visualizing the relationship between M1 and also M2. Note that M1 is consisted of in the M2 calculation.

Figure 1. The Relationship between M1 and also M2 Money. M1 and also M2 money have several definitions, varying from small to broad. M1 = coins and also currency in circulation + checkable (demand) deposit + traveler’s checks. M2 = M1 + save deposits + money sector funds + certificate of deposit + other time deposits.

The commonwealth Reserve mechanism is responsible for tracking the quantities of M1 and M2 and prepares a weekly relax of information about the money supply. To administer an idea of what these amounts sound like, follow to the federal Reserve Bank’s measure up of the U.S. Money stock, in ~ the end of February 2015, M1 in the United says was $3 trillion, when M2 to be $11.8 trillion. A malfunction of the section of each type of money that made up M1 and M2 in February 2015, as detailed by the commonwealth Reserve Bank, is listed in Table 1.

Components of M1 in the U.S. (February 2015, Seasonally Adjusted)$ billions
Traveler’s checks$2.9
Demand deposits and other check accounts$1,713.5
Total M1$2,988.2 (or $3 trillion)
Components the M2 in the U.S. (February 2015, Seasonally Adjusted)$ billions
M1 money supply$2,988.2
Savings accounts$7,712.1
Time deposits$509.2
Individual money sector mutual fund balances$610.8
Total M2$11,820.3 (or $11.8 trillion)
Table 1. M1 and also M2 commonwealth Reserve statistics Release, Money Stock steps (Source: commonwealth Reserve statistics Release,

The currently separating M1 and M2 can come to be a tiny blurry. Sometimes elements of M1 space not cure alike; for example, some businesses will not accept an individual checks for large amounts, yet will accept traveler’s check or cash. Changes in banking methods and technology have made the savings account in M2 much more similar come the checking accounts in M1. For example, some savings account will allow depositors to compose checks, usage automatic novelist machines, and pay bills over the Internet, which has actually made it easier to accessibility savings accounts. Similar to many other economic terms and statistics, the important point is to understand the strengths and also limitations of the various meanings of money, not to think that such definitions are together clear-cut to financial experts as, say, the definition of nitrogen is come chemists.

Where go “plastic money” choose debit cards, credit transaction cards, and smart money fit right into this picture? A debit card, favor a check, is one instruction to the user’s financial institution to move money directly and also immediately from your financial institution account come the seller. The is important to note that in our definition of money, that is checkable deposits that space money, no the file check or the debit card. Return you have the right to make a purchase with a credit card, it is not thought about money but rather a brief term loan from the credit transaction card company to you. As soon as you do a acquisition with a credit card, the credit card firm immediately transfers money native its check account to the seller, and also at the end of the month, the credit card agency sends girlfriend a invoice for what you have charged the month. Until you salary the credit transaction card bill, you have actually effectively obtained money indigenous the credit card company. V a smart card, you can store a details value that money on the card and then usage the map to make purchases. Part “smart cards” offered for particular purposes, favor long-distance phone calls or do purchases at a campus bookstore and cafeteria, space not really all the smart, due to the fact that they deserve to only be offered for particular purchases or in particular places.

In short, credit transaction cards, debit cards, and smart cards are various ways to move money when a purchase is made. Yet having much more credit cards or debit cards walk not change the quantity of money in the economy, any more than having an ext checks printed increases the lot of money in her checking account.

One crucial message basic this conversation of M1 and also M2 is that money in a modern-day economy is not just file bills and coins; instead, money is very closely linked to bank accounts. Indeed, the macroeconomic policies worrying money space largely conducted through the banking system. The next section defines how banks function and just how a nation’s bank system has actually the power to produce money.

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Key Concepts and Summary

Money is measure with numerous definitions: M1 contains currency and also money in checking accounts (demand deposits). Traveler’s check are likewise a component of M1, but are decreasing in use. M2 includes all of M1, plus savings deposits, time deposits choose certificates that deposit, and also money market funds.

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Self-Check Questions

If you room out shopping because that clothes and books, what is easiest and also most convenient for you to spend: M1 or M2? explain your answer.For the following list of items, indicate if they are in M1, M2, or neither:Your $5,000 line of credit transaction on your financial institution of America card$50 dollars’ worth of traveler’s check you have not offered yet$1 in quarters in her pocket$1200 in her checking account$2000 you have in a money industry account

Review Questions

What components of money are counted as component of M1?What components of money room counted in M2?

Critical reasoning Questions

Explain why girlfriend think the federal Reserve bank tracks M1 and also M2.The complete amount of U.S. Money in circulation separated by the U.S. Populace comes the end to about $3,500 per person. That is much more than many of united state carry. Whereby is all the cash?If you take $100 out of her piggy bank and also deposit it in her checking account, how did M1 change? walk M2 change?

Federal Reserve statistics Release. November 23, 2013. Http://


coins and currency in circulationthe coins and bills that circulate in an economic climate that room not held by the U.S Treasury, in ~ the federal Reserve Bank, or in financial institution vaultscredit cardimmediately transfers money native the credit transaction card company’s check account come the seller, and also at the finish of the month the user fan the money come the credit card company; a credit card is a momentary loandebit cardlike a check, is an instruction come the user’s financial institution to transport money directly and immediately indigenous your financial institution account to the sellerdemand depositcheckable deposit in financial institutions that is easily accessible by make a cash tap the money or creating a checkM1 money supplya narrow an interpretation of the money it is provided that contains currency and also checking account in banks, and to a lesser degree, traveler’s checks.M2 money supplya an interpretation of the money it is provided that contains everything in M1, but also adds savings deposits, money industry funds, and certificates of depositmoney industry fundthe shop of plenty of investors are pooled together and invested in a safe method like short-term government bondssavings depositbank account wherein you cannot withdraw money by composing a check, however can retract the money at a bank—or deserve to transfer it easily to a checking accountsmart cardstores a certain value the money top top a card and also then the card have the right to be supplied to do purchasestime depositaccount that the depositor has actually committed to leaving in the bank for a certain period of time, in exchange for a higher rate of interest; likewise called certificate the deposit


Answers come Self-Check Questions

The currency and also checks in M1 are easiest to spend. That is more tough to invest M2 directly, although if there is an automatically teller device in the purchase mall, you have the right to turn M2 from your savings account into an M1 of currency quite quickly. If your answer is around “credit cards,” then you are really talking about spending M1—although it is M1 from the account the the credit card company, i beg your pardon you will certainly repay later on when you credit card bill comes due.Neither in M1 or M2That is part of M1, and also because M2 has M1 the is also part of M2Currency out in the general public hands is component of M1 and M2Checking deposits room in M1 and also M2Money industry accounts space in M2