The first four planets are dubbed Terrestrial, meaning earth-like planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth, and also Mars.

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They are likewise called inner planets.They lie between the sun and the belt of asteroids.They are made increase of rock and metals and have fairly high densities.The terrestrial planets were formed in the close vicinity of the parent star where that was too heat for gases to condensation to hard particles.The terrestrial planets space smaller and their lower gravity might not host the escaping gases. Other than them the planets are called jovian or giant planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.They are also called the outer planets.Most of them are much larger than the terrestrial planets and have a thick atmosphere, largely of helium and also hydrogen.

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The solar winds were no all the intense to cause the removal the gases from the Jovian planets. 

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Inner or Terrestrial planets: MercuryVenusEarthMars


My Very Excited Mother Just Served Us NachosM → Mercury, V → Venus, E → Earth, M → Mars, J → Jupiter, S → Saturn, U → Uranus, N → Neptune