1.Which that the complying with statements space true the absolutetemperature? check all that apply. A. Absolute temperature deserve to bemeasured v a constant-volume gas thermometer. B. Absolutetemperature is pertained to the thermal power in a system. C.Absolute temperature is a measure of the activities of molecules in agas. D. At pure zero temperature, there would be no activity ofmolecules in a gas.

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2.For perfect gas in a sealed container, if you dual thepressure and twin the volume, while keeping everything else thesame, what has actually happened to the temperature?

A. The temperature is one-quarter that its originalvalue.
B. The temperature is now 4 times it originalvalue.
C. The temperature is now dual its initial value.
D. The temperature is now fifty percent its original value.

E. The temperature is same to its initial value.

3.In number 16.6b (page 456), if the trajectory 1-to-2-to-3 werechanged such the there is a directly line native 1-to-2, complied with bya directly line from 2-to-3, exactly how would the state variables at point3 different from those resulting from the original, curved 1-to-2-to-3trajectory shown in the figure?

A. The state variables for suggest 3 room dependent ~ above theparticular trajectory, for this reason they would be different in ours newprocess.
B. The state variables for point 3 space independent that theparticular trajectory, for this reason they would not be different in ours newprocess.

C. Not enough information given.


4.In instance 16.10 (p. 460), the pV diagram shows two procedures 1 to2 and 2 to 3. I beg your pardon of the adhering to state variables of the idealgas alters from state 1 to 2 (check all that apply)?

A. Pressure
B. Volume
C. Temperature

D. Nobody of the over change


5.In figure 16.12 c (p. 459), what is true the the isothermcurves?

A. The curve that T1 is in ~ a greater temperature 보다 thecurve for T4
B. The curve the T1 is in ~ a reduced temperature than thecurve for T4
C. The curve that T1 is at the same temperature as thecurve for T4
D. Girlfriend cannot identify the relative temperature usingthis figure


6.In stop to Think 17.5 (p. 483), once both objects with thesame temperature, in which direction is the warmth flow in between theobjects?

A. Heat will circulation from thing A to thing B
B. Warmth will circulation from object B to object A

C. There will be no heat flow between Objects A and also B whenthey are at the very same temperature


7.During an ideal gas process, friend observe that the temperatureof the gas stays constant. Throughout this process, which of thefollowing statements should be true?

A. W=0
B. Q=0
C. W+Q=0
D. Nobody of the over statements must be true

8. During suitable gas process, the temperature the a gasincreases. One of your classmates, Kevin, asserts that heat must beflowing right into the gas during this procedure since the temperature isincreasing. Execute you agree through Kevin?

A. Yes.

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B. No. Heat has to be flowing the end of the system.(Q0)
D. No. Girlfriend only recognize that the total energy moved tothe system is positive (W+Q>0)

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