is C. A-13 would be the amount of the equation. B-1 would be the distinction for the subtraction. Quotient is the result of the division which in this situation it will certainly be C. D-42 is the product.

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After changing the side lengths the the triangle are reduced by scale variable of 3, the perimeter of triangle also diminished by 3


Given, the side lengths of a triangle are diminished by a scale aspect of 3.

Let the side lengths that the given triangle it is in a, b, c.

After the next lengths room decreased by a scale variable of 3.

Now, the side lengths will end up being


Before an altering the side lengths, perimeter of the triangle is ns = a + b + c.

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After changing the next lengths, perimeter that the triangle is




So, the perimeter is also decreased by the scale element of 3.

Hence, after an altering the side lengths that the triangle are diminished by scale variable of 3, the perimeter the triangle additionally decreased by 3.

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Given any two numbers which is better the LCM the the number or the GCF of the number? Why?
Natali <406>
The LCM is the greater.The GCF is a factor which divides in to each number so have the right to never be same to the higher number, whereas the LCM is the better of the 2 numbers or a multiple of them
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5 month ago

8 pieces of rope are reduced into 13 lengths, how numerous pieces that rope are there?
fgiga <73>
If im reading this question correctly, each piece of rope gets cut into 13 lengths. Therefore 8 X 13 = 104
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1 year ago
PLS help Hannah and also Brooklyn space two the the partner in a business. Hannah renders $3 in benefit for every $4 the Brooklyn makes.
Dennis_Churaev <7>


Step-by-step explanation:

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