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1\"Product\" means:
A)all the services required with a physical good.
B)a physical an excellent with every its associated services.
C)the need-satisfying supplying of a firm.
D)all that a firm\"s producing and also distribution activities.
E)a well-packaged item v a well-advertised brand name.
2Regarding quality:
A)the finest credit card might not it is in the one with the greatest credit limit.
B)the finest clothing may not be a pair the slacks, however a pair that jeans.
C)the finest computer may not be the most an effective one.
D)All that the above are true.
E)None that the over is true.
3A firm with a huge product assortment might
A)have many product lines with little choice in each.
B)have a single product line.
C)have countless individual products.
D)All that the over are true.
E)Only A and C space true.
4The text\"s customer product classes space based upon:
A)methods of distribution.
B)NAICS codes.
C)the nature that the products.
D)the means people think around and shop because that products.
E)the means firms price your products.
5If a consumer product is supplied regularly and usually to buy frequently and also routinely with small thought (although branding might be important), this product is:
A)a routine product.
B)a specialty product.
C)a homogeneous to buy product.
D)a clip product.
E)a casual product.
6Having a competitive price is most likely to
A)be more important for a homogeneous purchase product than for a specialty product.
B)be much more important for a heterogeneous purchase product than for a homogeneous purchase product.
C)be an ext important because that an emergency product 보다 for a staple.
D)keep a product from falling right into the \"unsought\" product class.
E)None that the above is true.
7Which of the adhering to statements about consumer commodities is true?
A)Convenience products are those that customers desire to buy in ~ the lowest feasible price.
B)Shopping commodities are those assets for i beg your pardon customers commonly want to usage routinized to buy behavior.
C)Specialty products are those that customers commonly are the very least willing to search for.
D)Unsought products are not shopped because that at all.
E)None the the above statements is true.
8Regarding the demand for business products,
A)Demand for organization products is obtained from the demand for final consumer products.
B)The need facing many individual that company is relatively inelastic.
C)Industry need is usually highly elastic.
D)All that the above.
E)None the the above.
9Which of the adhering to is not a general characteristic the most company products?
A)From a taxes perspective, every purchases of company products space written turn off in the year in i beg your pardon the acquisition is made.
B)Their need is obtained from the demand for final customer products.
C)Buying is not as emotional similar to consumer products.
D)Buying is basically concerned with financial factors.
E)All the the over are attributes for most company products.
10Which the the following organization products to be purchased by a certain is most likely to indicate top monitoring in the to buy decision?
A)Raw materials
B)Accessory equipment
C)Operating supplies
E)Component parts
11A marketing manager for a for sure which produces component parts need to keep in mental that:
A)most component buyers prefer to depend on one reliable resource of supply.
B)the after sector for component parts generally requires the exact same marketing mix together the one offered to serve the original devices market.
C)quality is no as necessary with materials as that is v supplies.
D)the original devices market and the after sector for ingredient parts must be regarded as separate target markets.
E)All that the above are true statements.
12Which that the following conditions would no be favorable to branding?
A)Dependable and also widespread ease of access is possible
B)Economies of scale in production
C)Fluctuations in product quality because of inevitable variations in life materials
D)Product simple to identify by brand or trademark
E)Demand is solid so the price can be high sufficient to be profitable
13Nonrecognition of the brand surname of a firm\"s product is likely to be LEAST essential for:
B)Photographic film
C)Lubricating oils for machinery
D)Cold tablets
E)Replacement auto repair parts
14Which of the following statements around the Lanham action is TRUE:
A)It spells the end what kinds of brand names deserve to be protected.
B)Registration under the Lanham plot only applies to license is granted brands.
C)The Lanham Act provides registration of a brand surname mandatory.
D)Registering under the Lanham act does not help protect a trademark to be provided in international markets.
E)All that the above are true statements.
15Dealer brands, contrasted to manufacturer brands, usually sell wholesalers and also retailers:
A)less risk.
B)higher pistol margins.
C)faster turnover at diminished selling costs.
D)products which are presold to target customers.
E)more prestige.
16Which that the following statements about the \"battle of the brands\" is true?
A)It is pretty fine over together the manufacturer brands now control the marketplace.
B)Intermediaries have no real advantages in the fight of the brands.
C)If the present trend continues, manufacturer brands will disappear.
D)Manufacturer brands have been losing ground to dealer brands.
E)The battle of the brands has increased the differences in price between manufacturer brands and dealer brands.
17A good marketing manager knows that:
A)packaging companies are normally a poor resource of information.
B)packaging expenses generally reduce the customer worth a customer receives.
C)packaging costs should be kept to a minimum.
D)good packaging can tie the product to the rest of a marketing strategy.
E)All of the above are true.
18Which the the adhering to statements around the strategic prominence of packaging is FALSE?
A)A package may have much more promotional impact than a firm\"s advertising efforts.
B)A brand-new package can come to be the major factor in a brand-new marketing strategy by considerably improving the product.
C)Packaging is involved with promoting, protecting, and enhancing.
D)Better packaging constantly raises total distribution costs.
E)A package should accomplish not just the needs of consumers but also those that business and also organizational customers.
19The Magnuson-Moss Act calls for that:
A)all firms administer written warranties for all products.
B)a warranty must be clearly written, if one is offered.
C)all warranties be solid warranties.
D)all warranties be for at the very least one year.
E)all the the above.
20The Magnuson-Moss Act:
A)requires that all warranties it is in \"full.\"
B)says the all firms need to offer composed warranties for all products.
C)requires that all warranties covering at least a one-year period.
D)says that producers must carry out a plainly written warranty if they pick to offer any warranty.

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E)All the the above.