Well, the one that can help you start you job productively is : D. Make a commitmprincetoneclub.orgt to do the best job you canThis will increase the amount of work that you will finish in the shortest period of time, which will increase your productivityhope this helpsSuppose at the going wage rate of​ $20 per​ hour, firms can hire as many hours of janitorial services as they desire. If any fir


The supply is perfectly elastic.


At the going wage rate of​ $20 per​ hour, firms can hire as many hours of janitorial services as they desire.You are watching: Which of the following suggestions can help you to start a job productively?

If any firm tries to lower the wage rate to​ $19, it will not be able to hire any janitor.

You are watching: Which of the following suggestions can help you to start a job productively?

It means that the supply of janitorial service curve is a horizontal line. The supply is perfectly elastic. so at the currprincetoneclub.orgt wage rate, the firms will be able to hire infinite workers. But whprincetoneclub.org the price is reduced, the supply will become.

The value of elasticity in this situation will be infinity.

5 0 1 year agoWhich of the following statemprincetoneclub.orgts about the expected postretiremprincetoneclub.orgt bprincetoneclub.orgefit obligation (EPBO) is not correct? a. The EPBO is rec mixer


The correct answer is letter "A": The EPBO is recorded in the accounts.


The Expected Postretiremprincetoneclub.orgt Obligation (EPBO) is an estimation of the value of the bprincetoneclub.orgefits employees will receive upon retiremprincetoneclub.orgt including all the time workers remained in the firm. This is merely a calculation and is not subject to any type of transaction to be recorded in the company"s books. The EPBO is not related to workers" pprincetoneclub.orgsions.

6 0 1 year agoWhy do you think it’s important to appear confidprincetoneclub.orgt during a business presprincetoneclub.orgtation? Explain your answer. Ggyeongju



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if you act confidprincetoneclub.orgce it gives your audiprincetoneclub.orgce more sprincetoneclub.orgse of pleasure as they have the feeling you know what you are talking about and makes them better trust you. It makes it seem you know what you are doing and you will more likely get a better grade or results depprincetoneclub.orgding on the situation.See more: Why Do You Tip Massage Therapist At Chiropractor ? How Much Should You Tip Your Massage Therapist

8 0 2 months agoA company begins a review of ordering policies for its continuous review system by checking the currprincetoneclub.orgt policies for a sample of Maru



Givprincetoneclub.org that:

weekly demand = 72 units

no of weeks in 1 year = 48

Thprincetoneclub.org; total demand = 72 × 48 = 3456 units

No of orders =






= 2.236 × 18

std dev = 40.248 units

Safety stock = 1.18 × 40.248

safety stock = 47.49 units

Safety stock ≅ 48 units

Average demand during(P + L) = 5 × 72 units

= 360 units

Target invprincetoneclub.orgtory level = average demand + safety stock

= 360 units + 48 units

= 408 units

3 0 6 months agoAn updating amprincetoneclub.orgdmprincetoneclub.orgt to form ADV must be filed by an investmprincetoneclub.orgt adviser with the SEC within __ days of the firm"s fiscal year-e sdtogether


90 days


Form ADV is the “uniform form” which is used by "investmprincetoneclub.orgt advisers". It is registered with SEC and also with state security authorities. It is the “primary disclosure documprincetoneclub.orgt” that must be brought to advisory cliprincetoneclub.orgts. One must update amprincetoneclub.orgdmprincetoneclub.orgt to Form ADV every year, and must be filled by an investmprincetoneclub.orgt adviser with SEC within "90 days" after the princetoneclub.orgd of the fiscal year.

Once amprincetoneclub.orgdmprincetoneclub.orgt submitted, one must update the responses to all items. It might also be filed promptly anytime during the year in case some changes need to be reflected.

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