It-essentials v7.0 thing 2 test Answers

1. What is a an excellent safety precaution to take when opening a computer case?

Place tape over the case edges that space sharp.*

Remove the covering (or door) the the computer case before installing or remove parts.

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Remove the relations to the prior panel prior to extending the case fully open.

Ensure the any loosened clothing such together a tie or shirt continue to be in consistent contact v the instance when managing internal components.

Explanation: Computer cases can quickly be a danger to technicians. Before working within a computer, examine the situation edges and also put ice over any type of of the sharp edges to protect against physical harm. A situation is opened, yet seldom removed as soon as installing or removed parts. Loose clothing need to be secured prior to you work-related inside a computer.

2. What walk the “A” in P-A-S-S repeat a human being to perform while utilizing a fire extinguisher?

Aim the fire extinguisher at the flames.

Aim the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire.*

Activate the fire extinguisher.

Adjust the pressure.

Explanation: When making use of the P-A-S-S memory assist with a fire extinguisher, the “A” in P-A-S-S is because that aiming at the basic of the fire and not in ~ the flames.

3. How is a power supply commonly attached come a tower case?

restraining strap

retention bar



Explanation: To download a strength supply right into a computer tower case, open up the case, align the power supply through the case holes, and use screws to attach the power supply to the case.

4. A technician is replacing a power supply. I beg your pardon two factors should the technician consider when obtaining the instead of part? (Choose two.)

type that case*

input voltage level the 12 or 5 VDC

number of internal fans

output voltage


Explanation: A technician should take into consideration the complying with when selecting a strength supply:Type that motherboardWattageNumber and kind of connectorsType of caseThe computer system input power level is either 120 or 240 VAC. Output voltages are standard 3.3, 5, and 12 VDC. A strength supply typically has one fan and this is no a selectable option on a fan.

5. A technician is installing extr memory in a computer. How can the technician guarantee that the storage is properly aligned?

The brand on the memory module should constantly face the CPU.

A notch in the memory module must be aligned through a notch in the memory slot.*

The arrows on the memory module should be aligned v the arrows ~ above the motherboard slot.

Memory slot are color coded, v one finish red and also one end blue.

6. What is provided to prevent the motherboard from touching metal portions of the computer system case?

an I/O shield

thermal compound


ZIF sockets

Explanation: Screws and also standoffs that space non-metallic might be insulators and protect versus grounding.

7. I beg your pardon statement describes the purpose of an I/O connector plate?

It makes the I/O port of the motherboard obtainable for connection in a selection of computer system cases.*

It plugs right into the motherboard and also expands the variety of available slot for adapter cards.

It gives multiple relationships for SATA difficult drives to connect to the motherboard.

It connects the PCIe adapter slots provided for video clip directly come the CPU for faster processing.

Explanation: The I/O plate connects to the ago of the case and has holes for each that the harbor on the motherboard to push through, permitting the motherboard to be provided in many different situations regardless the the variety of ports ~ above the board or their layout.

8. What are three important considerations when installing a CPU ~ above a motherboard? (Choose three.)

Antistatic precautions space taken.*

The CPU is properly aligned and placed in the socket.*

The CPU contacts are very first cleaned through isopropyl alcohol.

The CPU warmth sink and fan assembly are properly installed.*

The CMOS EPROM battery is removed prior to installing the CPU.

Maximum insertion pressure is used to the load lever so the CPU is locked in place.

Explanation: The CPU is perceptible to revolution discharges. That is pins are very delicate and it works at high temperatures, for this reason precautions should be taken. If the CPU has been offered in another device or if the pan is being replaced, you could need to remove the old thermal compound utilizing isopropyl alcohol (not top top the CPU contacts). The battery walk not must be eliminated from the motherboard throughout the CPU installation. This would cause the saved BIOS setups to be lost. Minimum pressure should be essential to lock the CPU pack lever right into place.

9. As soon as a brand-new PC is being built, which component has the most affect when picking the case and power supply?

video card

sound card

RAM module


hard decaying type

Explanation: The selection of motherboard determines the type of case and also power supply. The type factor that a motherboard must enhance the type of case and also power supply. Lamb modules, video cards, and also sound cards are set up on the motherboard. They need to be compatible v the motherboard. A tough disk is attached come the case, however the dimensions of the drive bays are standardized.

10. I beg your pardon two factors must be thought about when instead of old lamb modules in a PC? (Choose two.)

The new RAM need to be compatible with BIOS or UEFI.

The new RAM have to be compatible v the motherboard. *

The rate of the new RAM should be sustained by the chipset.*

The power supply must carry out the voltage the is requred by the brand-new RAM.

The brand-new RAM must complement the old lamb in terms of capacity and speed.

Explanation: When the lamb on a motherboard is being replaced or upgraded, the brand-new RAM module should be compatible through the existing motherboard. In addition, the rate of the new RAM have to be sustained by the chipset.

11. Describe the exhibit.

It-essentials v7 chapter 2 test Answers q11

In which section of the motherboard would a memory module it is in installed?

section A

section B

section C*

section D

Explanation: Memory modules insert right into memory expansion slots that have actually a retaining clip in ~ each finish of the slot.

12. Which type of motherboard growth slot sends data one little bit at a time over a serial bus?





Explanation: A PCIe development slot connects to a serial bus that sends data one little at a time in ~ a much quicker rate than the older PCI slot the connects come a parallel bus.

13. Which pc motherboard bus is provided to affix the CPU come RAM and other motherboard components?





Explanation: The front-side bus (FSB) is offered to connect the CPU to RAM, growth cards, and other motherboard components. The speed of this bus is pertinent when picking replacement motherboards and also RAM.

14. Where is buffered memory typically used?

gaming laptops

gaming computers

business PCs



Explanation: Buffered memory is used in computers that have a many RAM such as servers and also high-end workstations. Buffered memory have to be avoided in gaming, business, and also home computers due to the fact that it slow the memory speed.

15. A technician has actually been request to upgrade a processor and also needs to perform some research. The computer system is simply a pair of year old. What are two types of processor packages that can be supplied inside the computer? (Choose two.)






Explanation: Two architectures offered with CPUs today are the pin grid selection (PGA) and the land grid array (LGA). The PGA has pins ~ above the bottom the the processor. The LGA has actually pins within the socket.

16. A student is feather to add memory in stimulate to rate up a tower computer. Which type of storage module need to the student be spring for?





Explanation: Motherboards in tower computer systems accept dual inline memory modules (DIMMs) in the memory development slots. A motherboard supports a particular form of DIMM such as a DDR3 or DDR4 module.

17. Which kind of drive is frequently installed in a 5.25 customs (13.34 cm) bay?

hard drive

optical drive*

flash drive


Explanation: Optical cd driver are installed in 5.25 inch (13.34 cm) drive bays that space accessed native the former of the case. Flash drives typically affix to USB ports. SSDs and hard drives frequently install in a 3.5 customs (8.9 cm) journey bay or a 5.25 inch (13.34 cm) journey bay that is no accessed from the former of the case. If the drive is smaller than the bay, a tray may be purchased.

18. A technician has been asked come order a replacement inner SATA HDD. In between which two form factors will certainly the technician need to choose? (Choose two.)

25 customs (5.72 cm)

5 inch (6.35 cm) *

5 inch (8.89 cm)*

5 customs (13.97 cm)

25 customs (15.88 cm)

Explanation: For tower computers, internal HDDs are accessible in the 3.5 and 2.5 customs (8.89 cm and also 6.35 cm) kind factors. SSDs often tend to be the 2.5 inch form factor.

19. When shopping for a instead of motherboard, a client decides to also purchase a brand-new mechanical tough drive and also asks the technical salesperson for advice. I m sorry storage user interface should the salesperson recommend because that the motherboard and brand-new drive?





Explanation: Mechanical difficult drives this particular day use SATA. Tradition PATA drives offered IDE and EIDE. RAID 5 is a drive redundancy technology.

20. Which kind of motherboard development slot has actually four species ranging indigenous x1 come x16 v each form having a different length of expansion slot?





Explanation: The PCIe, or PCI Express, bus has four species of growth slots v varying lengths: x1, x4, x8, and also x16.

21. A technician is installing a brand-new high-end video adapter card right into an growth slot on a motherboard. What may be required to run this video clip adapter card?

PCI expansion slot

PCIe x 8 expansion slot

Two 8-pin strength connectors*

24-pin ATX strength connector

Explanation: When a high performance video clip adapter card is used, multiple strength connectors may be required. This connectors may each use a 6-pin or 8-pin power connector. Video clip adapter cards typically use the PCIe X 16 slot. A 24-pin ATX strength connector is supplied to provide power come the motherboard.

22. Refer to the exhibit.

It-essentials v7 thing 2 exam Answers q22

Which kind of development slot is shown?



PCIe x16*


Explanation: The four expansion slots presented in the exhibition from left to ideal are the PCIe x1, PCI, PCIe x16, and PCIx1.

23. Refer to the exhibit.

It-essentials v7 thing 2 exam Answers q23

Which maker is shown?

KVM switch

media reader*

optical drive

SATA drive

Explanation: A media reader have the right to be an external USB-attached device or an internal device used to read or write to media cards.

24. Once assembling a PC, just how is pin 1 identified on the front panel cables so the it have the right to be aligned properly with pin 1 top top the motherboard dashboard connector?

by a little arrow or notch*

by a plus sign

by a P1

by a red cable

Explanation: Each cable the connects come the front panel connector ~ above the motherboard is significant with a little arrow to determine which pen is pin 1 so that it deserve to be aligned through pin 1 top top the panel.

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