What time works ideal for you? is the catchphrase of countless freelancers and small business owners. Client love once you’re flexible and also take into factor to consider their liven schedules … right?

As it transforms out, this watch innocent question annoys clients and also may also put your business’s potential ~ above pause.

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It’s time to discover out why!

Here’s what you will do it learn:

1. Why Clients hate That Question2. What perform You need to Lose?3. What You have to Say Instead4. Simpler Ways come Schedule Meetings

Why Clients dislike That Question

Here’s just how this client interaction typically plays out:

You: What time works best for you?

Your client: (Smiles politely) let me check! (Hastily flips through dozens of pages in their appointment planner to search for the next cost-free time slot the fits her schedule).

Sure, they nothing seem bothered through the question.

But it is only because it’s crude oil to role their eyes and sigh!

So what is it about this question that fuels quiet rage inside her clients?

Let’s uncover out.

We All have Busy Schedules!

Is her upcoming weekly schedule fully bare?

Are you willing to fulfill at odd hours like 8 a.m. Or 10 p.m.?

Let me guess—you answered “no” come at least one that these inquiries (hopefully, both).

When girlfriend ask your clients what time works finest for them, you’re tossing her calendar top top the backburner. A future meeting—and a potential sale—is only going to happen when they can uncover 30 spare minute to loan you.

Yes, each customer matters, yet leaving her week broad open because that the services of convenience because that one customer may put all of your various other responsibilities on a short-term hold.

Avoid the email Ping-Pong

Let’s assume you work-related 9 come 5 Monday with Friday. And also for argument’s sake, stop say you try to store your meetings under 30 minutes.

That provides 80 potential time slot a week.

You confidently fire off that “Pick a time” post to a client and acquire a faint “How about Tuesday at 3?” in response.

Tuesday afternoon is no good.

“I can’t perform Tuesday. What about Wednesday in ~ 4?”

Try again!

Email ping pong is a logistical nightmare flooded through one brand-new email object after another (and the occasional rogue spam filter). You may be dozens of message into an e-mail chain prior to you decide that Monday at 11 fits into both of your schedules.

And it is assuming no of you gives up halfway through.

Time ar Mix-Ups can (and will) Happen

When you operation a virtual business, it’s simple to forget that your client aren’t constantly in the same state together you, allow alone the very same time zone!

Translation: Time zones deserve to be a actual pain in her side.

Here’s an example:

The time difference between the East and West shores is 3 hours. If your customer in new Jersey claims 8 a.m. Works for them, and you live in Oregon, you far better be in the mood for a surprised 5 a.m. Call call!

And uneven you’re ready to memorize every clients’ time zone, your just other alternative is to perform the conversions before scheduling every meeting.

It’s a many extra (and unnecessary) work!

They Don’t understand the Answer

Scheduling meetings would certainly be much easier if everyone functioned 9 to 5 and did the same thing every day. But about 10% of people are elevation contractors just like you!

In various other words, they might not have the ability to give you an instant answer.

At the very least not right now.

So once you questioning this question and don’t accept “I’ll let friend know” as an answer, can you yes, really be surprised that clients acquire frustrated?

You desire your client to have actually a great very first experience, right?

Then stop asking this question!

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What carry out You have to Lose?


We gain it—bad habits can be tough to break.

And together a biology of habit, it could take friend ten mainly (or longer) to totally ditch her old catchphrase and also develop a better routine.

Is it even worth the effort?


And here are a couple of things you danger by keeping this expression in her vocabulary:

Most necessary to You: A Client

Let’s face it.

The much more you anger, frustrate, or annoy her client, the much less enticed they’ll be to schedule a future appointment through you—let alone book a payment session.

And technically, castle don’t have actually to.

Unless you the only local yoga trainer or rodeo photographer, your clients aren’t grounding working v you. If scheduling an appointment with you is a hassle, you could guide your clients right right into the arms of her fiercest competitors.

One persistent question could risk a paying client and a an unfavorable online review.

Accidentally Overbooking your Schedule

As elevation contractors, we acquire schedule-happy! A serious customer agrees come meet, and in the surname of business, us impulsively accept whatever time slot castle offer.

The difficulty is the you have the right to accidentally overbook your schedule.

Now you’re in fairly the predicament.

Do girlfriend reach out to the new client again and tell them that the time they determined actually doesn’t fit her schedule after all the back-and-forth emails?

Or execute you cancel her pre-existing session v a existing loyal customer?

Preferably … neither.

But think of the this way:

If you can’t handle a menial task favor scheduling, why need to a customer trust you through their $3,000 photoshoot or to regulate their business’s finances?

Your reputation may take a serious hit.

What’s Left of her Sanity

You’re no the CEO of a significant corporation. Nor perform you have dozens of representatives on standby prepared to take over for a conference contact when her schedule is jam-packed.

You’re just one person.

And every you have actually are 24 hours.

The mental gymnastics of finding accessible meeting times the don’t overlap v your currently scheduled sessions can drive girlfriend crazy. And also overwhelming your mind can ultimately take a toll fee on your quality of work.

Don’t let it … ditch the question!

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What You must Say Instead

Okay, so now you understand what you do not do it ask.

But the question has actually been her go-to scheduling lead-in because that years now.

And you hazard revenue by walking away from your an initial meeting with a client without a future meeting penned into your calendar.

Fortunately, the appointment-scheduling thing wasn’t the problem.

It was her approach.

Revamp your scheduling procedure by asking the complying with questions instead:

“I’m cost-free _____ , Do any of Those Times occupational for You?”

Imagine going come a brand brand-new restaurant, no receiving a menu when you satellite down, and then having the waitress ask, “What would certainly you like to order?”

You’d most likely ask, “What would certainly you recommend?” and also the waitstaff would most likely read off the Thursday night specials to narrow under your choices.

Do the very same things through your clients. Choose a time once you at this time have openings in your schedule.

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For example, you can say:

“I’m free Tuesday in between 12-4, Wednesday from 9-11, and my schedule is completely open top top Friday. Do any type of of those times occupational for you?”

This narrows down your client’s selections and enables them to compare specific time blocks to their own schedules.