We’re gift asked to determinewhich transitionresults in theemission of light with the shortest wavelength. Recall that beginning from n = 1, the distance in between each power level gets smaller as displayed below:


Emissionis a change processfrom a greater energy level to a lower power level. This rule out options B and C. Recall that the power of a photon is offered by:


We can see thatenergy and frequency are directly proportional. Theenergy in a transitionalso counts on thedistance between the energy levels.

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Which electronic shift in the hydrogen atom outcomes in the emissions of irradiate of the shortest wavelength?

A. N = 4 to n = 3

B. N = 1 come n = 2

C. N = 1 to n = 6

D. N = 3 come n = 1

E. N = 2 to n = 1

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