<Spoiler alert: this story contains the identities of the removed contestants top top Wednesday night\"s The masking Singer.>

The celebrity dashboard on The masking Singer had actually a pretty good idea of that was behind the fancy costumes on Wednesday night’s (Nov. 6) one-of-a-kind two-hour edition of the show. After gaining bumped last week due to the people Series, the display roared ago with a double-elimination that sent home two stars v deep-bench television credentials.

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In the first hour, the Penguin’s flight was grounded after some outstanding takes onMaren Morris’ “The Middle,” 5th Harmony’s “Worth It” and a final waddle v Meghan Trainor’s “All around That Bass.” With clues such as being said she wasn’t pretty enough, or funny enough, and a hit perform that included comedy clubs, the press, bullies and also exes, when the cumbersome head come off it to be revealed that former The View and Sherri star Sherri Shepherd to be behind the mask.

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Sherri Shepherd

In the 2nd hour, the panel to be left guessing that was behind the black Widow getup, after ~ the shining arachnid adhered to up earlier soulful consist of of “I Wanna Dance v Somebody” by Whitney Houston and also “Before that Cheats” by Carrie Underwood and also giving the one last shot with a bangin’ prey shake toCher’s “Believe.”

And, frankly, that was that samurai squat at the end that really assisted some ~ above the panel -- Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg and also Ken Jeong, add to guest judgeBlack-ish star Anthony Anderson -- pond the an enig identity.If you haven’t watched by now, look at away! It to be beloved son star and also multi-hyphenate singer/producer/songwriter/model/actress and also director Raven-Symoné, 33, the previous Cosby child turned Cheetah Girlsand Raven\"s Home star andBlack-ishspecial guest.

\"The masked Singer\" Recap: The Eagle has actually Crash-Landed

princetoneclub.org caught up with Raven to find out what her trip on the present was like and what the hell the clue about whipped cream and also crackers was every about.

OK, we need to start v the whipped cream and crackers clue. The seemed favor a actual deep cut.

My an initial job, ns did a Ritz Cracker commercial and a Cool Whip commercial prior to I was on The Cosby Show.

You’ve starred in major shows, directed,written and also produced hit songs, however how did you end up ~ above this show? was it her idea, or walk they concerned you?

I watched the first season religiously, andwhen lock asked me to be a component of the second one, Isaid because that sure. I haven’t released any type of music in a really long time, and so ns said, \"Lemme carry out this show and see how I feel, and when I acquire eliminated, or if ns don\"t acquire eliminated, I have the right to get back in the studio and see ifpeople will certainly remember mine voice.\" and that\"s pretty lot what happened. I love gift able to hide who I amand seeing people\"s reaction. It\"s definitely different as soon as you\"ve remained in people\"s deals with your whole life and they immediately know you and have preconceived notions about you.So as soon as I had the ability to be on that stage, no one knew that I was and still obtained love from the crowd, the felt good.

So walk it an increase your confidence?

It did, and also becauseof it, I\"m doing an additional album referred to as 33,000 at the end of the month.It all cleared up for me.I love this show. It helped so much with my confidence in music and getting ago out there.

Who\"d you work on the album with?

Austin Brown, AJ Jenkins, Brian London and myself and also some remarkable writers.

Is the in the same vibe together your vault music? What\"s the vibe?

It\"s completely different, which i love, because when i was doing The masked Singer, ns was singing these classics and...you recognize what? I\"ve constantly done music the was has actually tried to complete with whoever was on the charts at that time. Ns was never really maybe to execute what I wanted becauseI was constantly signed come a record label and you have to pleasethe peoplein the boardroom. For this reason this music is... It\"s a vibe. Every time somebody listens to it, they say, \"Wow, this is certainly a different vibration.\" That\"s cool, I prefer that. Human being didn\"t mean me to sing \"Before he Cheats\" or a Whitney Houston song. So through that in people\"s top now, hopefully when they listen this new music they\"ll say, \"She can sing anything.\"

Any guest on it?

No, it\"s just me. It\"s no an ext than16 minute long. It\"s purely something you have the right to ride come while you\"re driving in her car. I\"m walk to relax it on mine own. I\"m no tied come anybody, which feels for this reason good. It\"s completely me. That\"s exactly how it was v The masked Singer: the was just purely me. Despite nobody knew... It wasn\"t fluff, the wasn\"t giggles, just artistry, and also I really appreciated that.

What was her biggest issue going in?

That Iwould suck. Seriously. Ihadn’t sung in a while, ns hadn\"t been onstage in a while. Civilization have constantly supportedme in ~ my concerts and coming out, however themusic industry is chock-full of substantial superstars and people that will never be superstar or one-hit wonders, and also you wonder whereby you space in the system of things. Being on The masking Singer was really about what i love come do, i m sorry is sing and perform. It sort of felt choose a little of karaoke, which do me happy.

Do you have actually a go-to karaoke jam?

Anything Alanis Morissette, something Janet or Jay-Z. Those are my 3 people.

Talk about that crazy costume -- it appeared super cumbersome and sweaty. How warm was that in there?

It was hot as hell. Hear here, Iwas in latex the felt likefrom top-to-bottom, andmy dressing room was one of the hottest ones there. I refused come take turn off my costumebecause I\"mthe human who, if I\"m filming in the wintertime, i don\"tgo look because that a jacket. If I\"m filming in the wintertime, let me it is in coldso it\"s not like a shock and I have to put three an ext layers of acting on height of it. Therefore while I was in my latex outfit, I was in my room hot, and also the warmth was on, and also I kept my voice warm, always rehearsed. I simply wanted to it is in in it. I want to be the spider.

Did you rest your arm on the display or before?

I damaged my wristat my other job: Raven\"s Home. That madeit super difficult. Ns knew things were walk south as soon as I got ago into rehearsals because that \"Before that Cheats\" and also they had thisamazing performing planned because that me. Ns was walk to action up on this box and perform my target off. However I said, \"I can\"twalk increase anything since one hand has to have the mic and also the other hand is done.\" It really hurt my soul. I wanted to walk further...

It seemed like you type of gave yourself away with thosesamurai squats. Is the a thing? Is that among your signature moves?

To it is in honest, i didn’t recognize that to be a signature move. I\"ve excellent it a pair times top top Raven\"s Home, because the Mama Dance needs it. However I think droppin\" it and also poppin\" that is sort of a universal thing ideal now and I didn\"tknow that i was well-known for it, however I\"ll take it!

After city hall the an initial season, didyou do any type of tricks to shot to throw the panel off at all?

I didn\"t. Ns didn\"t want to execute that. Ns was talk tomymom if theshow was questioning me what information I wanted to give, carry out you have any kind of information the nobody knows?And my mom and also I to be sitting back... Myentire life has been documented because I was 3 years old. Anything that world don\"t know, lock don\"t understand for reason, and also I wasn\"t going to start projecting my personal life just since of the show. It to be really difficult to come up with points to throw civilization off. Simply let the truth and the story that room out over there be out there, yet I watch the Ritz Crackers and Cool Whip obtained you...

No pressure, you only covered 3 iconic divas:Whitney, Carrie and Cher. Were those her choices? exactly how nervous were you to take on such significant voices?

I wanted to take it on. I love to song -- i sing in ~ my house, ns sing on documents to release, and those to be songs i was never ever able come do once I was an artistunder the hand the a document label. Those type of songs are given to enlarge artists than Iam, and I want to show that I might sing those documents as well.

Robin stated he knew it was you due to the fact that he wrote a tune for you, “Set Me Free” from your This Is my Time album ago in the day. Were you afraid it would be too obvious and also he\"d recognize you right away?

I was afraid he wouldn’t remember me. Once he composed that song, he wasn’t the Robin Thicke the \"Blurred Lines\" created. Ns didn\"t store in contact with him, so i didn\"t understand if that rememberedor not. However it warmed my heart thathe did remember me since I enjoyed that experience. Ns searched the outfor that album due to the fact that of his an initial album that ns utterly enjoyed. Iwas very happy the he remembered.

Did you tell her family? walk anyone number it out?

I told mine mom due to the fact that she knows everything. I told mine brother, i told my partner, and that to be it. And also my manager. Once Iwould walk to work-related on Raven\"s Home, they to be like, \"Where are you going? how come we can\"t know?\" i said, \"I\"m a part of something very special.\" and also they were like, \"What is it? What is it?\"And i swear for about three weeks everyone would come up to me and ask me every little thing from Star Trek to Marvel...and ns was like, an initial of all, nobody is rental me because that Marvel. If that happens, anyone is going come know!It was funny to keep thatsecret. Yet you understand who uncovered me out, and also I did not say anything, to be my co-star Anneliese valve der Pol. She just knows me choose the ago of my hand. So she found out about me the very first performance. She to be like, \"Raven!\" I had to pat dumb, \"I can\"t!\"

Anthony likewise said he thought it to be you because you played his sister ~ above his show and also he claimed he texted girlfriend while you were onstage to inspect if it to be you and also you replied. Did the really happen?

He yes, really did message me while i was top top the show, however I did not reply until after because that sure. I\"m not one to have my phone call on me while I\"m working. So even if that did, Iwouldn’t have actually known. I don\"t think he\"s ever before heard me sing live favor that.I did an illustration of Black-ish critical week and I was like -- due to the fact that we quiet can\"t talk about it, but he knew currently -- and I was like, \"So, um, how\"s the infestation the spiders act at her house?\" and also he to be like, \"What?\" \"You have any kind of spiders in your home recently?\"

Some that the guesses were attracted Barrymore, Cardi B and also Miranda Lambert. That’s kind of a good list.

Yeah, Iwas definitely surprised at some of the guesses. They also said <Glee star> Amber Riley. I love the one. The felt good to be part of the show.

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You’ve done a the majority of amazing points in your career. Where does this location in terms of degree of difficulty?

Degree of difficulty? definitely a 2. Idid Broadway for six months; the was a3,000...that to be a 10. For this reason this was definitely around a 2. I\"ve to be performing since I to be 5 years-old. If I had to to speak anything that was daunting about it, it was preserving air when in the costume.