The challenge of Siena Rosso is the of Poldark actress, Sabrina Bartlett – yet those dazzling vocals come indigenous British soprano and rising star, Rowan Pierce.

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In the loveably genre-binding mishmash the is Bridgerton, came before by a Shostakovich waltz – and some earwormy, string-based billie Eilish in the previous illustration – we room treated come the sublime ‘Belle nuit, ô nuit d’amour’, a duet for soprano and also mezzo indigenous French composer Offenbach’s opera, The story of Hoffman.

The beloved melody, likewise known as ‘Barcarolle’, is sung in episode 4 by opera-singing personality Siena Rosso, that we hear the sometimes warble from throughout the very first season, greatly in link with eldest Bridgerton brother Anthony, through whom she share a forbidden romance.

As Siena trills away at one of the series’ numerous glittering soirées, Anthony watches her execute intently, eye positively burn from across the ballroom.

But while it’s actress Sabrina Bartlett’s challenge we see on screen, the singing is every done by Yorkshire-born soprano, Rowan Pierce (yes, we were obsessed and scanned the credits).

Here’s all you should know around Bridgerton’s concealed opera star...

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Siena Rosso’s to sing is done by operatic soprano Rowan Pierce. Picture: Netflix

Who is the opera singer in Bridgerton?

Rowan Pierce, that lends she vocals to the personality of opera singer Siena Rosso in Bridgerton, is an operatic soprano and also rising star in the civilization of Baroque opera.

At 30 year old – reasonably early in the career of an opera singer – Pierce’s kaminsims is already brimming through accolades, consisting of the imperial College that Music’s President’s Award, presented by HRH The Prince that Wales, and the tune Prize and very first Prize in ~ the inaugural Grange Festival global Singing Competition, and an initial place at the Schubert society Singer Prize.

Pierce has recently been made a rising Star the the Orchestra of the age of Enlightenment and is among the English nationwide Opera’s Harewood Artists.

The star soprano on regular basis performs v world-class ensembles consisting of the City that Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Scottish room Orchestra, and has flexed she operatic muscles together Drusilla in Monteverdi’s L’incoronazione di Poppea and Susanna in Mozart’s The marital relationship of Figaro.

Here’s a taste of she singing, through some jubilant Handel together the Academy of ancient Music:

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Pierce was featured last year in The Times’ countdown of 10 young stars in the making, winning praise for she “focused soprano voice and dazzling technique”.

Asked by MeetTheArtist around her job inspiration, Pierce answered: “Live music lit a fire in me that I’ve however to discover comparison to.

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“I prospered up through a Welsh grandad. I would sit v him and also he would make up wild stories, right into my twenties. I’ve constantly loved gift told a tale and I think it is what audience pay money for.”

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She continued: “Whatever the music is, anything the suspends fact and permits us to feeling an emotion wednesday forgotten or one the we necessary to feel right at that moment, or also to it is in taught just how to feeling something.

“Music has taught me, in many ways, how to feel, the progression of emotions, exactly how to calm them and also how to ignite them.”

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