Heyo, Josuke here with another blog. In this quick blog, I"ll be share an unpopular opinion that mine ~ above the backstory the Josuke Higashikata, the protagonist that JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure component 4: Diamond is Unbreakable. Currently that I"ve offered a (very) basic rundown that the contents that will certainly follow, let"s acquire to the blog itself.

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The Event



To know my allude of view, one must recognize the story that centers around. To execute that, I"m going to recite the story because that those reading that don"t recognize or treatment to remember. To be frank, I"ll usually be restating what I claimed in the JoHeroes blog indigenous a while back. In the year that 1987, once Josuke to be four, he dropped victim to a fever; he was afflicted for 50 days. Prefer his half sister, Holly Joestar, this fever was unexplainable by traditional science and also proved deadly of no treated. Together expected, this heat took place about the exact same time as when Jotaro combated Dio in Egypt.

In bespeak to conserve her son, Josuke"s mother, Tomoko Higashikata, was driving to a hospital in S-city. However, Morioh was experiencing among its worst blizzard in the town"s history. The excessive amount of snow brought about Tomoko"s vehicle to gain stuck


When all hope because that Josuke"s survival appeared lost, a young man (presumably a student as result of the uniform he was wearing), who had actually wounds many likely brought about by a fight, selflessly took of his coat in the harsh snow and pushed Tomoko"s car under it enabling her to drive again


Upon seeing a glimpse that this weird man, Josuke well-known him together his personal hero. To respect his good deed, Josuke pledged to be favor the guy not just in style yet in his way of life.


The feasible plot-hole


To me, the story the Josuke"s hair is truly a great one. It provides a lot more reason to the method he acts and also it"s a pretty amazing method to take care of his "bezerk button". In ~ first, come someone reading the manga, it can be viewed as a clever way for Araki to define one of his character"s personality quirks. However as one reads much more of component 4, questions begin being raised. That was that stanger? Why to be a college student walking approximately in the center of nowhere? wherein did those wounds come from? and also so on.. Once The time reversal capacity of Kira"s was revealed, that didn"t take lot to realize that it probably would pat a duty in Josuke"s past. It was usually believed that the strange man was important Josuke sent ago in time by Kira"s strike to conserve himself. When an event like this didn"t happen in the story, the was simply chalked up to an additional instance that Araki forgetting/ignoring past plot-point or intended character duties (I. E. As result of a shade spread, that was obvious that Hol steed was meant to it is in the crusader that replaced Avdol after the "died"). Many just saw this to be a instance of wasted potential.

My Thoughts


Like most, i was a bit disappointed when I came upon realizing that Araki might"ve forgotten about Josuke"s backstory while writing part 4. It important would"ve created a good fight between Josuke and also Kira making a far better finale because that the part. Also, it could"ve showcased Kira"s decision to attain the "quiet and vegetative" life the he always wanted, if that would"ve gone to lengths that attempting to death young Josuke to get rid of him together a problem. But, after ~ thinking about it because that a bit, ns realized that, though it can be better for the part itself, the totality "Josuke time-travel" point wouldn"t have actually been good for his character. It would certainly go prefer this: Josuke goes back in time and saves himself. Young Josuke sees existing Josuke saving him. Young Josuke looks approximately his future self. Josuke aspires to be, friend guessed it, Josuke........good job, ns guess. Despite it may have actually been unintentional, having actually just a common stranger save Josuke was a much better decision for the character. Having a basic man through a desire to assist those simply since they necessary it is perfect for Josuke. The stranger"s act planted a seed in Josuke"s mind; that later prospered into his strong desire to aid people. One can even say that the stranger that assisted Josuke was the start of his "golden spirit". Josuke would later pass the "golden spirit" on come the other youths of Morioh and also they would later have a strong desire to defend the town. This can also be viewed as early as the Nijimura brothers arc; Josuke conserved Okuyasu not because he cared because that him but simply because he didn"t desire anyone to die.


If you dare to look deeper, you might even say the this act affected the development of ; I typical the stand is draft to conserve and aid people.

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In summary, having a arbitrarily stranger through a golden heart was better for Josuke ( and maybe) component 4 itself. The stranger "gave" his golden Spirit come Josuke at a young age and also later Josuke passed that on to other citizens of Morioh. This one occasion definitely set the stage for among the enlarge themes of part 4, gift "Good Samaritans". Morioh didn"t perform anything in certain to cause the youths of the city to help; they assisted the city simply since it essential it.

All that this habits could it is in traced back to the stranger with a gold heart that conserved a young child since that child needed saving


Thanks because that reading!

Thank you so much for discovering my blog. Hopefully, girlfriend agree v me on my point of see on this subject. If not, you re welcome feel free to phone call me in the comment below. This done because that the #JoJoAlliance, a really an excellent group of males who desire to spread out JoJo hype throughout AA. Hopefully, I"ll have an ext blogs comes up. As for now, Josuke out