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25. D The unethical acts, taking place in the organization is no the occupational of one human being in isolation, quite it is a group of human being in expertise who execute unethical acts…View the full answer

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Transcribed picture text: 25. As soon as unethical action are uncovered in a firm, in most instances a. Castle are brought about by unwilling participants. B. The reason is due to external stakeholders. C. The perpetrators room caught and also prosecuted. D. There was knowing cooperation or complicity from within the company. E. The cause is a corupt plank of Directors. 26. Why do critics argue the high compensation for boards of director is a bad thing? a. The is as well expensive for the organization. B. It could reason conflicts that interest between the directors and also the organization. C. That is no fair to poorly compensated employees. D. High pay will render the board less complacent. E. Plank of director compensation is negatively regarded corporate growth. 27. More than a compliance program, company ethics is ending up being a. A management worry to achieve competitive advantage. B. A guaranteed way to earn higher financial returns. C. Greatly a government regulatory issue. D. An initiative led by non-profit organizations. E. A program that reduce profits however increases societal benefits. 28. I beg your pardon of the following is no a delivery of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? a. Strengthens penalties because that corporate fraud b. Occurred the customer Financial protection Bureau c. Requires codes of values for financial reporting in enterprise d. Renders fraudulent financial report a criminal violation e. Requires greater transparency in financial report 29. Compare and contrast the stakeholder and also shareholder models of this firm governance. 30. According to the text, the opinions that society, as expressed with legislation, can adjust over time, and also different courts and govemment legislatures might take different views around the acceptability of specific business activities. Why so? 31. Culture often expects a lot from business. Do you think that it is possible to balance profit and also other company objectives with the goals and desires that society? Why or why not? 32. Why is moral misconduct more an overwhelming to get over than negative financial performance?