​Gay men have a unique view of the straight man’s world.

They understand what renders a man attractive and they\"re additionally guys, too.

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Gay men likewise tend to form deeper friendships with right women, for this reason they obtain the inside scoop ~ above what lock really desire from relationships.

According to a recent question posted top top Reddit, happy men and straight women frequently want the same thing: a male who’s emotionally available and fairly well-dressed.

To help straight men with their relationships and also life in-general, Reddit user OurOhnlyHope make the inquiry “Gay guys of Reddit, what advice do you have actually for Straight males of Reddit?” top top the virtual forum. Since it was very first posted, the thread has received over 11,000 responses.

That\"s a most advice, for this reason here\"s here’s 12 of our favourite gems.

We can help you uncover Ms. Right.As long as a gay friend isn\"t crushing ~ above you, we\"re really good at helping you number out if a girl is appropriate for friend or if you\"re just blinded by pussy. We have a special capability with hot women called, \"You have actually no power here!\" and we find out really quickly i beg your pardon ones end up being hell to address if castle can\"t plunder you approximately their finger. Ours opinion likewise isn\"t shaded by female national politics as a woman friend\"s can be.I witnessed so numerous friends in college chase after girls that were completely wrong because that them, just due to the fact that of their looks. Happy men totally do the same thing as soon as it pertains to other men, for this reason we can use your help as a filter as well.

(Reddit user BrobearBerbil)

2. It\"s necessary to stretch.

Flexibility and also stretching is really important for great blood flow. Improving this part of her life will certainly improve your mental capacities and give you more energy. A study has presented that women find men that stretch much more attractive.The best means to stretch is to use one hand to grab the other wrist and also raise your arms over your head and stretch come the sky. Organize the stretch because that 10-15s. Feel complimentary to include a tiny sway to either side. The big is best achieved when put on a loose-fitting shirt the exposes the midriff throughout the stretch. Together a issue of fact, it\"s really ideal done shirtless and also in a windy setting, preferably ending the stretch v a few pelvic thrusts.Just remember the if it doesn\"t work to obtain your blood flowing...well, the will occupational for me. ;)

(Reddit user coldize)

3. It\"s OK to express her emotions.

As a gay man, I just want come say the it\"s ok come express her emotions.I can not tell you how plenty of times mine brother\"s girlfriend would certainly come up to me going, \"Did I execute something wrong!? He\"s so... Quiet lately!\" and also me replying, \"Nah, he had a poor day at work and also is a little bit stressed.\"It\"s additionally ok to discuss your feelings and also may even assist your relationship with a far-reaching other.Too plenty of men today put their feelings in one air chop container and end increase losing part of themselves, yet feel it\"s the best course of activity to keep their machismo.

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4. Flirt with no agenda.

Try to avoid worrying too much when communicating with ladies you fancy; I\"ve well-known a fair few of my directly friends i can not qualify of flirting v women, whereas I\"ve had actually to revolve down the exact same women without also realising ns was seeming flirtatious due to the fact that I was just talking come them together I would anyone rather without any kind of agenda.

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5. Not every gay guy is into you.

DON\"T, and also i can\"t placed enough focus on this, execute NOT consider yourself so preferable that every gay male will try to sucking your prick every possibility he gets.You have no idea how many bloated, ugly together fuck straight men reacted somewhere in the present of \"Oh, you\"re queer? it is okay, as long as you don\"t grope me.\" when they figured out i to be gay. Take it a fucking honest look at yourself. Girlfriend (probably) are very average looking, and also implying that any type of gay man wants to jump you is offensive as fuck.Also, take care of your fingernails. Get a manicure as soon as in a while. Hands are sexy.

(Reddit user Grailclipper)

6. Be confident, not creepy.

This thread essential a severe tag. I\"ll market my ideal as I have actually lots that girlfriends that comment on this stuff with at times.1. Dress nice. (You may think sweats space cool however ladies notification when you dress nice. Jeans, a nice pair the shoe, and a fitted tee or switch up have the right to really raise her stock v the ladies.)2. Clean up. (Personal hygeine is key. Shower and deodorant. We men sweat and also can stink. A good cologne will certainly make the females swoon. Additionally guys you can moisturize, odor is fine. Lastly a nicely groomed mustache is a great thing.)3. Don\"t stereotype us. (Gay males come in every shapes and also sizes and also have a range of interests.)4. It is in confident, no creepy.(I have actually seen for this reason many an excellent looking guys totally blow it as soon as hitting on mine friends.)5. We deserve to be friends. (I have lots the straight male friends however some guys are so afraid to befriend me. Just cause a guy is happy doesn\"t average he is interested. If I want to gain laid I would certainly sooner check Grindr 보다 hit on a directly guy.)Edit: Wow this go out up. An ext tips due to the fact that you males asked.1. Dark jeans space great, please enhance your outfit, fitted apparel is put on your size or if you can afford the tailored. Girlfriend don\"t need to break the financial institution to dress nice discount stores like Marshall\"s, Ross and TJ Maxx market nice clothing at a discount. Forever 21 and H&M sell trendy affordable clothing. I have the right to name an ext expensive stores choose Express, Banana Republic. Guys there are much more than video games and also porn on the net look in ~ mens fashion advice or style tips. Lastly GQ, Esquire and Details offer good fashion tips.2. A couple of people pointed out brush your teeth if you have to be reminded to carry out this girlfriend are beyond help. Cologne is tricky. Us all have a organic scent so discover one that mixes well through you. Go to Sephora or any major department store uncover an employee questioning if they can help. Periodically these people work top top commission so they will certainly be eager to help but don\"t let them pressure anything top top you. I never buy the very same bottle twice, yet that\"s just me. There space so many. Gucci Guilty, Dior Homme, Kenneth Cole Black, Dolce and also Gabanna irradiate Blue,Bleu De Chanel, YSL, means too many. Calvin Klein offers a great affordable variety. A few last tips. Don\"t usage anything the smells prefer your uncle Bobby. Also don\"t spray the whole bottle, focus on vital areas. Neck, chest, wrists.3. Confident no creepy. Example my friends and also I room dancing, you grinding up on one of them native behind is creepy. Don\"t it is in pushy be polite. Market to buy her a drink. Ask her to dance. Males sometimes a girl just wants to go out and chill therefore don\"t take it personal if she declines your advances. Various other times she wants to gain laid therefore spark increase a conversation and also see whereby that bring away you.

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7. Don\"t be afraid to it is in feminine

Don\"t be so fear to be feminine! you wanna wax her eyebrows, go ahead, you\"re not less of a man. Wanna dye your hair glowing colors? go ahead! Wanna paint your nails? go ahead. Wanna wear a skirt? walk ahead! her manliness is determined by you, no your absence of femininity.

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8. Don\"t be fear of beautiful women.

Here\"s a small semi-secret: You have nothing to shed by approaching a beautiful woman. We recognize this. We\"re gay. We have nothing invested in draw close a beautiful woman, chatting her up, and also suddenly coming to be best girlfriend by the finish of the night. And sometimes, beautiful women will invite united state to touch your boobs, just to inspect \"em out.We space not intimidated by beautiful women since we have actually nothing to lose. We have actually invested nothing in her until we begin talking come her. By the calculation, over there is certain no reason not to approach a beautiful mrs at a bar, a party, or some other social gathering.But you? You make a mistake. You mistakenly think that you have something come lose. Your attraction, your lust, your ... Everything you feeling at the moment, friend think the you already have other hanging the end there come lose. Or girlfriend imagine the you will certainly be turned under if you strategy her, as if that is a loss of something.You require to acquire over that mistake. Know that you have actually nothing invested prior to you method a beautiful woman, so you have actually nothing come lose.Don\"t be a douche. Don\"t think friend have an ext to offer. Simply realize that any person you accomplish at any kind of moment with time presents the possibility to achieve a partnership with an equal.

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9. Dimension isn\"t the important.

I assumption: v this is more... Reassuring? but we hear a lot from your girlfriends. Like, a lot. If we\"re close, she\"ll tell united state the entirety story. And also one thing I\"ve learned from woman ns know/hardly know/have precise met the night, it\"s the dick dimension doesn\"t matter. most women and gays would much prefer a male who to know what he\"s doing 보다 someone who simply sits ~ above his high horse because his dick\"s over average. And also yeah, over there are size queens, however they aren\"t important.

(Reddit user i tried to it is in nice)

10. Just stop.

stop attract white oakley sunglasses v coloured lenses. Simply stop.

(Reddit user )

11. We\"ve checked out your nudes.

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If friend send nudes come a female who has a gay best friend, he\"s watched your dick.

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