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Which PDU layout is supplied when bits are obtained from the network medium by the NIC of a host?


When obtained at the physical layer of a host, the bits room formatted into a framework at the data connect layer. A packet is the PDU in ~ the network layer. A segment is the PDU in ~ the move layer. A paper is a data framework that might be used at the applications layer.

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Which ax is provided to define the process of placing one message format inside an additional message format?


The binary format for is 11111111.11111111.11111111.11100000. The prefix length is the number of consecutive 1s in the subnet mask. Therefore, the prefix size is /27.

Why walk a class 3 an equipment perform the ANDing process on a destination IP attend to and subnet mask?

to determine the broadcast address of the destination networkto recognize the host attend to of the destination hostto determine faulty framesto recognize the network deal with of the destination network

The IP address is one IPv4 exclusive address. This attend to will not be routed end the Internet, so school A will certainly not be able to reach college B. Due to the fact that the address is a personal one, it deserve to be used freely on an interior network. As lengthy as no two devices on the inner network room assigned the same personal IP, there is no IP conflict issue. Tools that room assigned a private IP will have to use NAT in order to interact over the Internet.

Which three IP addresses are exclusive ? (Choose three.)

The exclusive IP addresses are within these 3 ranges: – – –

Refer come the exhibit. Using the network in the exhibit, what would be the default gateway address for host A in the network?

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PC2 will send one ARP reply through its MAC address.RT1 will send an ARP reply with its Fa0/0 MAC address.​RT1 will send an ARP reply through the PC2 MAC address.​SW1 will send one ARP reply through the PC2 MAC address.​SW1 will send an ARP reply with its Fa0/1 MAC address.​

When a network machine wants to connect with another device on the very same network, it sends a broadcast ARP request. In this case, the request will certainly contain the IP address of PC2. The destination machine (PC2) sends out an ARP reply through its MAC address.

What room two features of ARP? (Choose two.)

If a host is all set to send a packet come a neighborhood destination an equipment and it has actually the IP address but no the MAC attend to of the destination, the generates an ARP broadcast.An ARP request is sent out to all tools on the Ethernet LAN and contains the IP resolve of the location host and also its multicast MAC address.When a organize is encapsulating a packet right into a frame, it refers to the MAC resolve table to determine the mapping the IP addresses to MAC addresses.If no device responds come the ARP request, climate the originating node will certainly broadcast the data packet come all gadgets on the network segment.If a maker receiving one ARP request has actually the destination IPv4 address, it responds v an ARP reply. 

When a node encapsulates a data packet into a frame, it needs the destination MAC address. An initial it identify if the destination device is on the neighborhood network or ~ above a far network. Then it check the ARP table (not the MAC table) to watch if a pair that IP attend to and MAC attend to exists for either the destination IP attend to (if the location host is top top the regional network) or the default gateway IP attend to (if the location host is on a remote network). If the match does not exist, it generates an ARP transfer to seek the IP deal with to MAC resolve resolution. Due to the fact that the destination MAC attend to is unknown, the ARP request is broadcast v the MAC attend to FFFF.FFFF.FFFF. Either the destination machine or the default gateway will certainly respond through its MAC address, which allows the sending out node to rally the frame. If no maker responds come the ARP request, climate the originating node will discard the packet since a framework cannot it is in created.

What room two potential network problems that can result from ARP operation? (Choose two.)

Manually configuring static ARP associations can facilitate ARP poisoning or MAC resolve spoofing.On large networks with low bandwidth, multiple ARP broadcasts could cause data communication delays.Network attackers could manipulate MAC address and IP deal with mappings in ARP messages with the will of intercepting network traffic.Large numbers of ARP request broadcasts could reason the hold MAC attend to table come overflow and prevent the organize from communicating on the network.Multiple ARP replies result in the switch MAC deal with table include entries that complement the MAC addresses that hosts the are connected to the relevant switch port.

Large numbers of ARP transfer messages could reason momentary data communications delays. Network attackers might manipulate MAC resolve and IP resolve mappings in ARP messages v the intent to intercept network traffic. ARP requests and also replies reason entries to be made into the ARP table, not the MAC address table. ARP table overflows are very unlikely. Manually configuring static ARP associations is a method to prevent, no facilitate, ARP poisoning and MAC address spoofing. Multiple ARP replies causing the switch MAC deal with table include entries that match the MAC addresses of connected nodes and are linked with the pertinent switch harbor are required for typical switch frame forwarding operations. That is no an ARP resulted in network problem.

What wake up if part of an FTP post is not yielded to the destination?

The article is lost because FTP does not use a reliable distribution method.The FTP source host sends a query come the location host.The part of the FTP article that was shed is re-sent.The entire FTP post is re-sent.

Because FTP uses TCP as its carry layer protocol, sequence and also acknowledgment numbers will recognize the missing segments, which will certainly be re-sent to complete the message.

What is a socket?

the mix of the source and destination IP resolve and resource and location Ethernet addressthe mix of a resource IP resolve and port number or a location IP attend to and port numberthe mix of the resource and location sequence and also acknowledgment numbersthe combination of the source and location sequence numbers and port numbers

A socket is a combination of the resource IP attend to and resource port or the location IP attend to and the destination port number.

Which two characteristics are connected with UDP sessions? (Choose two.)

Destination devices receive traffic with minimal delay.Transmitted data segments space tracked.Destination tools reassemble messages and pass them to an application.Received data is unacknowledged.Unacknowledged data packets are retransmitted.

TCP:· offers tracking of sent data segments· location devices will acknowledge received data.· source devices will retransmit unacknowledged data.

UDP· location devices will certainly not acknowledge got data· Headers use very tiny overhead and cause minimal delay.​

Which TCP mechanism is provided to identify lacking segments?

FCSsequence numberswindow sizeacknowledgments

TCP segments are identified by the receiver as they arrive. The receiver keeps monitor of the sequence number of received segments and uses the succession number to reorder the segments and also to recognize any missing segments that need to be retransmitted.

Which transfer layer feature is offered to guarantee session establishment?

UDP ACK flagTCP 3-way handshakeUDP sequence numberTCP port number

TCP supplies the 3-way handshake. UDP walk not use this feature. The 3-way handshake ensures over there is connectivity in between the source and location devices prior to transmission occurs.

How is a DHCPDISCOVERtransfer top top a network to with a DHCP server?

A DHCPDISCOVER message is sent with the IP attend to of the DHCP server together the destination address.A DHCPDISCOVER post is sent with a multicast IP attend to that all DHCP servers hear to as the location address.A DHCPDISCOVER message is sent with the broadcast IP deal with as the location address.A DHCPDISCOVER blog post is sent with the IP deal with of the default gateway together the location address.

The DHCPDISCOVER blog post is sent by a DHCPv4 customer and targets a transfer IP in addition to the destination port 67. The DHCPv4 server or servers respond come the DHCPv4 clients by targeting harbor 68.

What part of the URL,, to represent the top-level DNS domain?


The contents of the URL space as follows:http = protocolwww = part of the server namecisco = component of the domain nameindex = file namecom = the top-level domain

What is the main purpose of NAT?

maintain IPv4 addressesincrease network securityallow peer-to-peer record sharingenhance network performance

NAT was occurred to conserve IPv4 addresses. A side benefit is the NAT adds a little level of protection by hiding the inner network addressing scheme. However, there are some drawbacks of using NAT. That does not allow true peer-to-peer communication and it adds latency to outbound connections.

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In NAT translate in for internal hosts, what attend to would be supplied by external users come reach internal hosts?

inside localinside globaloutside globaloutside local

From the view of a NAT device, inside worldwide addresses are supplied by external users to reach internal hosts. Inside neighborhood addresses are the addresses assigned to inner hosts. Outside an international addresses space the addresses of destinations on the outside network. Exterior local addresses space the actual private addresses of destination hosts behind various other NAT devices.

Refer to the exhibit. A cybersecurity analyst is viewing recorded packets forwarded on move S1. Which device has the MAC deal with 50:6a:03:96:71:22?