Dubious YouTube videos aside, tbelow is nothing distinct about Aquafina bottled water that avoids it from freezing.

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Published9 January 2018

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Rumors that Aquafina bottled water does not freeze have actually been a fixture of the internet for over a decade. On Web forums and blogs, the claims are usually presented anecdotally and also are regularly layered through strong innuenexecute around what nefarious chemicals PepsiCo, the parent agency of Aquafina, might be hiding in their commodities.

The case resurfaced via a 2016 YouTube video titled “AQUAFINA DOESN’T FREEZE. Why? Antifreeze.. (possibly as well, radio-energetic..),” which has actually been posted on conspiracy-concentrated internet sites. That video mirrors a building and construction worker at a chilly job website perplexed by a number of “partially consumed,” unfrozen bottles of Aquafina surrounded by a variety of other bottled waters that are frozen solid.

It bears pointing out that this video, uploaded by YouTube user “King Johnny” that captioned it via a lengthy yet mainly unrelated rant around Monsanto, aspartame, and also the Government of Canada, offers no proof that:

The liquid in the bottles is actually water and also not, for example, vodka.The liquid in the bottles was actually exposed to the same freezing temperatures for the very same period of time as the various other bottles.

As such this video cannot be offered in assistance of the claim that Aquafina bottled water does not freeze. Similarly, tbelow is no factor to taken it any more seriously than the countless YouTube videos of Aquafina actually freezing.

To those that have actually taken the King Johnny video at face worth, 2 contradictory hypotheses have actually been offered:

The Aquafina water is so pure that it is able to exist in a supercooled state (wright here the temperature is listed below freezing, yet the water is unable to develop an initial crystal to begin freezing); orThat some kind of antifreeze, radioenergetic, or other dangerous chemical has been included to the water that is staying clear of it from freezing.

Neither explanation holds any type of water (or ice). Supercooled water exists in a liquid state below the freezing allude of water, something that can happen if water has no impurities and is cooled gradually without disturbance:

The phenomenon occurs in pure, undisturbed substances which are slowly cooled listed below the normal freezing (or melting) suggest. So lengthy as no atoms or molecules join to develop a solid nucleus, the sample stays liquid. Once a solid creates , though, it spreads promptly with the sample.

As Aquafina (and other bottled water) is heavily filtered to remove impurities, it is feasible that an unopened up, progressively cooled, and undisturbed bottle of water could remajor liquid listed below freezing. Certainly this truth has actually created a famous genre of YouTube videos reflecting seemingly magic world instantly freezing bottled water by shaking or opening bottles that have been progressively cooled and also left undisturbed or unopened.

Supercooled liquid does not job-related as an explanation for the King Johnny video, yet, as the bottles were already opened up and also are therefore most likely to contain contaminants crucial to serve as a nucleus for ice crystals.

The even more paranoid explanation, that some nefarious chemical or chemicals have been included to Aquafina water, is equally problematic. Aquafina water is routinely tested, as are the sources from which it comes, and also tbelow is no proof that it includes any kind of more radiotask than is meant of anything found in nature.

Conspiracy web website BeforeItsNews.com suggested that the chemical propylene glycol, which is supplied for a range of objectives in processed food and drinks, and which has actually antifreeze properties, could be the reason Aquafina’s purported incapacity to freeze. However before, tright here is no evidence that the chemical is offered in distilled water (namong its usual uses are appropriate to the bottling process), and also it would certainly take a substantial amount of the chemical — which imparts a sweet taste — to substantially reduced the freezing suggest of a bottle of water.

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Videos purporting to show Aquafina water not freezing as evidence of some chemical abnormality innate to the beverage are scientifically suspect and difficult to verify. However before, because Aquafina water does, in fact, freeze, we rank this claim as false.