There’s nothing far better than picking her cat up for a cuddle and also breathing in the odor from their soft fur. Yet exactly why perform our cat smell therefore good? There space a few reasons, therefore let’s uncover out exactly what those are, and also see i m sorry one fits your cat best!


Cats groom themselves frequently

Cats spend between 30-50% of their waking hours grooming themselves, for this reason it’s no surprise that her cat smells clean. Unlike dogs (who us love too, by the way!), cats space fastidious about keeping their hair as clean together possible, all the time! If you ever see your cat gain a little of food ~ above their confront or step in mud, you’ll notification that they’ll be concentrating on cleaning that off ASAP!

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They have a unique tongue

When your cat licks her skin, it’s straightforward to feel that their tongues are fairly rough. This is because they’re spanned in tiny sharp spines. The scientific name for these is papillae. These small spines background dirt and also dust off her cat’s coat, and remove shedding hair. Cat basically have actually a tiny brush on your tongues, do it basic for lock to keep their coat shiny and also clean at all times.

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Cats in the wild have to stay clean come survive

Wild cats space predators however they’re also prey for bigger species. One method that cat in the wild can avoid attracting predators is to store themselves scrupulously clean. After eating, cat will invest plenty that time making certain they eliminate every last map of food from their face and whiskers.

This is the same factor that cats bury your waste, so their scents are lot harder to detect.

Cats likewise ambush your prey, therefore if they smell anything other than “neutral,” your scent will certainly likely get picked up and their prey will certainly run for the hills.

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They fell asleep on new laundry or other else the smells good

Cats execute not naturally create much human body odor, therefore while you can think that it’s her cat that smells good, it might actually be something the they’ve to be sitting or lie on.

Cats love to dry in warmth, so if you’ve just taken a fresh load of laundry out of the dryer, nothing be surprised to find your cat curled up on height of the warmth clothes! as soon as you scoop up her cat, they might smell faintly of washing powder or fabric conditioner.

Many cats might seem to have their own individual scent, yet this is usually more to perform with whereby they hang out. One cat might love come sleep in the flower bed and also smell of earth and grass. One more could curl up on your daughter’s bed and also end up smelling of she perfume. Part cats love the familiarity and also comfort of gift close to the smell of their humans when you’re far from home, which is at sight adorable!


What around cat’s paws?

Have you ever before sniffed your cat’s toes? us have, so us won’t judge! many cat owners and also vets agree the cat’s paws odor a small like corn chips!

That sound a little strange, but there’s in reality a an excellent explanation because that it. Cat’s paws have scent glands on them that release pheromones. An unified with this, they additionally sweat with their paws. This can lead come the accumulation of organic bacteria and yeast, which combine to kind a ethereal smell that’s not unlike corn chips. Countless cat lover don’t mind this in ~ all!

If your cat’s paws begin to smell musty or unpleasant, though, that deserve to be a authorize of one infection, which you’ll desire your vet to check out.

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What if your cat doesn’t smell so good?

Sometimes cats finish up gaining covered in something the they shouldn’t, whether that’s motor oil native a neighbor’s automobile or spray indigenous a skunk that they gained too close to.

Whenever a cat gets something on your fur, they want to remove it quickly so they have the right to feel clean again. But sometimes you could need to give your cat a helping hand obtaining a an especially stubborn scent off their fur.

In this case, a fast bath deserve to help, especially in the situation of oil or skunk spray, which will certainly need an ext than just a grooming conference to remove.

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As cats get older, they can construct dementia. This can an outcome in them forgetting to groom themselves. If her older cat’s coat is starting to look dull, flaky, or tangled, then it can be time to take them to the vet because that a check-up. Friend can help them by making sure to brush your coat every day.