My ipad keeps saying activation forced . As soon as I shot to activate it does nothing else because it does not allow me to gain past that. Im directed come the internet yet i cant gain past the either

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We are seeing an boosted incidence of issues (re)activating enlarge 32-bit iPad tools that cannot be updated beyond iOS 9.3.5/6.

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If restart of your house router - or changing your DNS Server settings execute not deal with the issue, you might need come directly call assistance for assistance.

In the first instance, you should shot to activate your iPad by connecting it come your computer or Mac computer - and also attempt activation using iTunes or Finder (as ideal to her computer). Below is an external link that defines the process in some detail:

If still having difficulties, or if you would first like to attempt restart you house router as a feasible fix, disconnect power from her router - then wait at least 30 seconds before restarting. When you router has actually rebooted (which might take numerous minutes), force-restart your iPad:

On an iPad through a house button: Press and hold the height button and the Home button at the same time. When the logo design appears, release both buttons.On an iPad through Face ID: Press and quickly release the volume increase button, press and quickly release the volume under button, then press and also hold the peak button. Once the logo design appears, relax the button.

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For recommended DNS servers (configured in ~ your house router and/or her iPad), you might pick one that the adhering to highly regarded Recursive DNS suppliers (IPv4 and IPv6 addresses included below):










Should that be important to change the ladder your issue to apologize Support, throughout the existing exceptional global situation, the quickest route to engaging with support will be via the Contact Support connect at top-right of this page.