PleaseT_T, someone else teach me just how to fix the problem of payday2 upgrade I had been wait because that one week however still only download 65.58 MB / 1.2 GB it will be download at the 10 sec and later it will prevent appreciate to someone aid me here much better internet?
Heres a tldr on how the video game uodates;Steam downloads brand-new update files, the entirety of your existing game is copied, the brand-new update files are put into this copy, the copy replace instead instead the old game install.Everyone updates choose this; yes sir nothing lot else you deserve to really perform as a user.

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I had been wait for one weekGoing out on a body here.How much totally free space do you have on your difficult drive.
I had actually been wait for one weekGoing the end on a body here.How much complimentary space carry out you have actually on your tough drive. I obtained 159 GB left
you cant mate and also no it is not your hdd as i gained dozens off gamings on my steam and just payday bring away 4hours to install a 120mb advice is uninstall this pos,inow i know why that was free to begin with,what an utter flop
you cant mate and no that is not your hdd together i acquired dozens off gamings on my vapor and just payday bring away 4hours to install a 120mb advice is uninstall this pos,inow i recognize why the was totally free to begin with,what an utter flop thread date, read it.
The difficulty with PD2"s update mechanism is the it duplicates the entirety game everywhere again. Male that is just retarded lol...i acquired dozens off steamgames however payday2 i gained for free,no wonder if castle cant even update without having to install over and also over again...glad ns did no waste mine money on this crap
It take it 10 seconds to download the latest update. .. And virtually 10 minutes to install that update.What a rubbish unpackaging system. Has actually Overkill ever bothered optimizing Payday 2 in ~ all, or is this just component of the "difficulty"?
Since the thread has actually been necroed, permit me say: i envy those people, whose biggest trouble with the game is the upgrade system. However I"m certain the PAYDAY 2 neighborhood didn"t lose anything because you (people who biggest difficulty is the upgrade system) uninstalled the game and (hopefully) won"t ever before come back.

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