The Weimar Republic to be the new system the democratic government established in Germany following the collapse of the second Reich .

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The first elections for the new Republic were organized on the 19 January 1919. They provided a vote system referred to as Proportional representation .

The Social democratic Party winner 38% of the vote and 163 seats, the Catholic centre Party winner 20% of the vote and also 91 seats and the autonomous Party winner 19% of the vote and 75 seats. The rest of the seats were divided up between the smaller sized parties.

Whilst the Social autonomous Party had won the most votes, they go not win a bulk (over 50%). Therefore, the Social democratic Party join a coalition v the Catholic centre Party and also the democratic Party to comprise a majority. This coalition then had actually the job of drawing up a constitution because that the brand-new republic.

As Berlin was still in the grips that revolution, the sector town of Weimar was chosen as the meeting place. This venue offered the new country the name the ‘Weimar Republic’.


The Weimar Republic adopted a brand-new structure , different to that of the vault monarchy . Under the new republic, all adult over the period of twenty can vote.

Instead the a monarch, there was a president chosen every 7 years. The president’s strength was restricted by the Reichstag . However, in the state of one emergency, short article 48 the the new constitution provided the president can be fried authority to ascendancy by decree.

There were 2 parliamentary dwellings in the Republic, the Reichstag and also the Reichsrat . The chancellor to be the leader the the Reichstag. The chancellor held comparable position to the British prime Minister, and also was appointed by the President. Typically, the chancellor would certainly be the leader the the biggest party, return this was not constantly the case.

The Weimar Republic was a commonwealth system. The was separation into eighteen different states referred to as Länder, each of which had their own regional government. The Länder can send representatives from their local federal government to the Reichsrat.

Despite this changes, over there were additionally many aspects of the federal government that continued as before. To preserve stability in government, countless of the old civil servants and military leaders remained in comparable positions of power, and also therefore still had huge influence.

The brand-new Proportional representation  system of poll in the Weimar Republic caused political instability.

Whilst the new system to plan to minimize political conflicts, the in fact resulted in plenty of different parties acquiring a tiny amount of seats in the Reichstag. This expected that nobody party had in its entirety an all at once majority, and also parties joined together to dominance in coalitions.

In these coalitions, each party had actually different intends which often led to disagreements on policy. These arguments made it challenging for the Reichstag to govern. In the at an early stage 1920s there to be many alters of government, i beg your pardon made controlling Germany’s politics and economic problems really difficult.

In enhancement to this difficulty, the unpopular reparations payments, which Germany were compelled to pay with the contract of Versailles , placed a large amount of economic pressure ~ above the government.

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These challenging economic and political circumstances made civilization susceptible to too much political views. In stimulate to store control and also peace in the beforehand 1920s, Friedrich Ebert relied heavily on the traditionally right-wing army and Freikorps .