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Will Arnett might need part aloe because that this burn! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the end of the Shadows star acquired a reality examine from his co-star, Megan Fox, ~ above Wednesday when she visited Conan.

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"He"s super funny. He"s exactly like you would anticipate he is, only he"s very professional," she said, causing the audience come laugh. "No, i don"t median that in a bad way. You"d think he"d it is in joking about while we"re rolling, however he"s not. He"s focused and doing what we"re supposed to do."

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But that doesn"t typical the comedian didn"t have actually a couple of distractions ~ above set. Fox additionally dove into story around her co-star"s love life the she admitted the wouldn"t be as well pleased come hear on nationwide television.

"During the first Turtles, he was sort of dating a lot, and every other week there to be a brand-new girlfriend and also he would bring them to set," the 30-year-old actress dished. "They were progressively obtaining younger and younger as the weeks go on."

Finally Fox faced Arnett around his ladies, saying, "It got to the point where i was like, "Buddy, I"m worried have to I speak to handmade service and also make certain they have Lunchables for her girlfriend? There"s no food below with cartoon personalities on it!""


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The action stars have been poking fun at one another throughout their push tour. ~ Fox saw the set of Chelsea Handler"s Netflix show and read the organize her astrological chart, Arnett come on the same show mocking Fox"s beliefs.

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Arnett was formerly married twice, come Penelope Ann Miller native 1994 come 1995 and also to SNL alum Amy Poehler native 2003 come 2014. Since then, he"s had actually a collection of reported romances but nothing lengthy term.

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