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This is a guide on even if it is or no you can cook food in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you want to know exactly how to about the difference in between raw and cooked food, and how to chef raw meat, please read on.

Can You cook Food?

You will have the ability to pick up different kinds that uncooked food throughout your adventure in the people of Witch 3. In many cases, you will certainly come throughout raw meat when killing opponents such as wolves. This has actually caused numerous people: can you chef food in The Witcher 3?

Unfortunately, the answer is No. You will not be able to cook any kind of of the the uncooked food you have picked up. The only thing you can do through the food friend have gathered up is either offer it or eat it.

Cooked Food vs life Food

The only difference in between cooked food and also raw food is that cooked food provides much more healing than raw food does. Eat raw food quiet heals because that a small amount of health, and also it does not have actually any negative effects top top Geralt, likely due to the fact that of Witchers" tough immunity to poisons and also diseases.

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