"Collect her reward native the Nilfgaardians" is a pursuit objective in the main story pursuit "The Beast that White Orchard" in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


You killed the Griffin. Time to gain your reward from the Nilfgaardians.

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The Beast the White Orchard


White Orchard


Nilfgaardian Camp


Captain Peter


Head come the tower at the Nilfgaardian Garrison and also speak come Captain Peter Saar Gwynleve




Captain: What the hell is this?

Ealdorman R-Rye

Captain: You take me because that a blind male or a fool? This serial is rotten

Ealdorman: ns - i didn"t know

Captain: therefore a fool. Dammit, you never learn. Armed forces Codex, post two, ar threeL for the shipment of defective items - fifteen lashes with a knout" do it so!

Ealdorman: No, no, no! by the gods, no!

Captain: What?

Geralt: guess: v you"ve to reduce your an excellent uncle act

Captain: It to be no act. I expanded a hand come this people. Castle spat on it.

Geralt: might it be reason it organized the knife that killed their love ones?

Captain: Hah! A moralist! and also what would certainly you carry out in my stead!

Geralt: Wouldn"t ever be in her stead

Captain: call me why you"ve come

Geralt: Fulfilled my end of the bargain. Her turn. Where"d Yennefer go?

Captain: to Vizima

Geralt: She to be a day"s journey from here the entirety time, under my nose? Might"ve claimed so.

Captain: Yes, I might have. However you would not have actually killed the Griffin. Tit for tat. Halt! us ae not done. It"s yours, this gold. I would not desire you come say friend wre inadeequetly compensated.

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Strategy Guide/Tips

You deserve to accept or refuse payment (Take the coin/turn under the coin). Whether you accept or refuse the money has no significant implications top top the story, so do what you feel is right.

The Beast of White Orchard Quest

Collect your reward native the Nilfgaardians


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